The Last Goodbye

If you read the title of this post and immediately thought I’m quitting, you are correct.

Look, I’m sorry but I can’t do this any longer. While I’m still somewhat obsessed with Pop, I’m losing interest in blogging about it. It’s not that fun anymore, it’s stressful, even upsetting at times. I was going to wait until Worlds comes out to break the news, but I feel as if it is best to do it now.

Over the past few days, I realized something. Now, this may be really upsetting to some, but I need to be honest and tell you this. I didn’t quit blogging when I first began losing interest, which was at least a month or so ago, because I continued to want to be a PHB author. I felt like I never got the appreciation or attention I deserved in the Pop community, while the authors seemed to get all of it. So, I began to want to become an author myself. And when that wasn’t happening, I began to believe that if I took that power away from the authors, by supposedly making the community more fair, I would then get more attention then now. I know, it was selfish, I understand now. And that’s why I must quit, so I can move on. I hope you’ll forgive me.

It’s alright if you’re sad, I am a little myself. But just remember that you’ll feel better soon, and, since I’m not quitting Discord yet, you’ll still be able to talk to me. Also, I won’t be deleting TCPB, I’ll just stop posting, so you can always come back to read all 375 of my previous posts. And while there is a small chance that I may return one day, I honestly don’t think that will happen. You never know, though, so stayed tuned I guess.

Before I end this post, I just want to thank each and every one of you for reading TCPB. Without you, the year-and-three-months of this blog’s existence wouldn’t have been nearly as awesome. And to my fellow bloggers, I ask that you continue blogging and sharing your true ideas and opinions with the community. Don’t be afraid to have a voice.

Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog
January 16th, 2016 – April 21st, 2017

For the last time…

Tall Cactus ❤


Oh My Worlds…

Hey guys, TC here. Today, some REALLY big news surfaced about Worlds. Yep! Before you ask where I’ve gotten this info from and if it’s actually real, all I can say is that everything covered in this post is 100% official and that I cannot share the link I got said info from. All good now? Let’s continue…

Crisis Caverns!

One of the new islands for Worlds has been announced and it looks pretty dang great. Wanna see what I mean? The official preview pics should be right below.


Main Street, perhaps?


New Poptropican Running Animations, along with the return of the worm.


New Poptropican Running Animations: Lava Edition


The definition of beauty is right here ^


Along with those gorgeous pictures, there is more news on the whole design-your-own-house feature. To be more specific, what you can design it with.


I don’t surf but I’m loving that surfboard right there. And that flower celling light. And those balloons. And basically everything in that pic.

So yeah, that’s the new info, folks. And I have to say, I really like what I’m seeing. What about you? Comment your thoughts down below!

-Tall Cactus

Some Quick Updates

Hey guys. If you haven’t noticed already, I haven’t been posting as much as I used to recently. Because, well, I’m afraid I don’t really have any ideas right now. I didn’t think this would happen, but sadly it has. So, here are some updates…

Until Worlds releases, all current series will be put on hold. Some of them will return and more will debut if I enjoy the new game, though. There won’t be any planned posts either, so if I somehow do come up with an idea, I’ll post it the second I’m done writing it. Basically, there won’t be a posting schedule. As for news posts, I’ll only post about news I find to be important, and I’ll add my own thoughts and theories to those posts.


I fear that I may only do news posts for a while, but don’t worry, as I’m sure TCPB will be back to normal soon. I mean, the release of Worlds can’t be far away, it’s already mid-April…

-Tall Cactus

The Secret Society Review…

So yeah, my copy ended up getting here tonight and not tomorrow. After freaking out for a few minutes, I finally got the courage to read it, and 10 minutes later, I was finished, because these books are so very short. And, well…

It was okay.

Look, it wasn’t that bad, I simply got my hopes up way too high. And I’m kind of disappointed because this isn’t what I wanted Poptropica to become.

You see, I really dislike the whole time travel theme. I don’t know why, I just do. It’s pretty cliche, well, the way Pop’s pulling it off is rather unique. But still.

And you know how embarrassed I am about how Pop is apparently educational. This series is making things so much worse for me, because it’s trying to teach kids history or something! Is that the only reason they made Pop 100% time travel? To teach kids history?

Plus, this series makes no sense because like half of the islands in the game don’t take place in the past. And in AstroKnights, it’s revealed that Pop is a completely different planet from Earth. In a different solar system, too!

Sigh. Maybe Worlds will explain everything. To be honest, I’m finally ready for it to release now. I’m ready to know the truth. I’m ready to stop worrying. And if I don’t like it, I’m ready to stop being obsessed a game I’m so ashamed of liking.

As for Pop TV, it kinda ruined some stuff I had planned for Season 3? I don’t even know. Again, I’ll do some editing after Worlds comes out. But if Worlds turns out to be like these graphic novels, I may lose interest for good.

Again, the graphic novel itself wasn’t bad at all. It’s just the fact that it’s a Poptropica book, it doesn’t feel like the Pop I’m obsessed with. If it was part of a completely separate series, then maybe it would be better.

Tall Cactus

PS- I can’t believe I managed to keep this spoiler-free. Since I’m not doing a super long theory post on the book, well, I’m not doing any theories for a while, DM me on Discord if you want some spoilers.

The Mitch Krpata-Captain Crawfish Conspiracy

Today is a pretty important day for Poptropica. No, Worlds didn’t release, but the third graphic novel, The Secret Society, did.

Stay tuned for my review on the book. Probably won’t be till Friday though, as that’s when my copy of the graphic novel will most likely arrive in the mail. Thanks, Amazon.

To celebrate the release of the book, an interview was published on the Creators’ Blog. Or, to be more specific, one of the most well-known Creators, Captain Crawfish, interviewing the author of The Secret Society, Mitch Krpata.


The post in all its glory!

Yet, there already was an interview with Mitch Krpata on the PHB several days ago. Now, I honestly don’t care that there were two interviews with the same person, but, you see, um…



I literally don’t know what to say right now. Well, I do have a bunch of questions…

  • Is Mitch Krpata actually Captain Crawfish? The PHB may have gotten the info wrong, I don’t know.
  • If he is CC, then why didn’t Skinny Moon interview him instead?
  • Are they trying to deny the fact that Mitch is CC? If so, why?
  • Did Skinny Moon pretend to be CC or did Mitch play both roles?
  • Etc, etc…

So yeah, I’m kinda confused and really surprised right now. This just doesn’t make any sense.

And yes, the Creators do know about the PHB interview. Skinny Moon tweeted about it a couple days ago, obviously before the official interview came out.

I tried reading through both interviews to see if I could figure anything out that way, but, I don’t know, the Creators’ Blog one felt more exaggerated, further proving that he may just be CC and denying it.

My current theory is that maybe Mitch doesn’t want people to know that he’s Captain Crawfish. But he allowed the info to be on the PHB? Maybe it was all just a big misunderstanding?

Or maybe he isn’t Captain Crawfish…anymore.


Okay, okay, if he’s CC, he probably still is, but you never know. The Creators can be very secretive about stuff like this. Again, this whole interview thing makes zero sense. But what do you think? Leave your theories down in the comment section below!

Tall Cactus


How to get your blog noticed: TC Edition

Remember that post Skinny Moon released on her Tumblr a few weeks ago?

Yeah, that’s the one. (I suggest you read it again before continuing with this post.)

It was a good post, no doubt about that. Except for the fact that SM forgot to mention some pretty important tips. Here are 7 more ways to (and not to) get your blog posts noticed and even promoted by the Creators themselves.

1. Always be positive! The Creators never promote posts with even the slightest amount of negativity, about Pop itself or other people/blogs. I mean, yeah, it’s kinda annoying, but would you really want to bring negative attention to yourself or the game you work for? Didn’t think so.

2. News posts. While Skinny Moon did say to be unique in her post and I 100% agree with that, most of the posts she tweets about are in fact news posts. So if you want your blog to be promoted often, that’s always an option.

3. About fan fics… Pop fan fics are pretty dang awesome to say the least. Only, SM never ever tweets posts about them. Why? I have no clue. But if you want your stories to be promoted by the Creators, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

4. Make sure it’s actually about Pop! Yes, you may have a Poptropica blog, but I can’t be the only one who mentions other games and franchises sometimes. That being said, it’s common sense that the Poptropica Creators only promote things about the game they work for.

5. ???

6. ???

7. Other alternatives. If you still can’t get the Creators to notice your blog, you could always just advertise on Discord and other sites.

I hope these tips, along with the originals from Skinny Moon’s post, help you out on your blogging journey.

But as you may have noticed, I couldn’t figure out what to put for #5 and #6. The only reason I decided to do 7 tips is because that’s what SM did, lol. Anyways, I need your help! All you have to do is comment your ideas for what to put in the empty spots. When I get a tip I like, I’ll update the post with it and give you credit.

Well, that’s all for now, I’ll see ya soon.

Tall Cactus

The Post of Apology

Today was the day that was going to start my break from blogging. Yet, last night, I changed my mind. About everything. Let me explain…

When the Post of Change was published on March 15th, I 100% agreed with it, and I still do, really. But I took it too far when I started the Save the Community movement. It started off as an innocent little hashtag to spread awareness to other blogs; to make the community more fair. There was Small Blog Awareness Day, with its lag-free multiverses and everything in between. But nothing seemed to work; the PHB still was controlling everything and getting most of the attention.

Yes, my friends, that is when I began to despise the PHB. I disliked it at first, but everyday I began hating it more and more, as I got angrier and angrier…

Sometime over my spring break, I came up with a much better solution: a protest. And oh, I mean a protest. Like, spam-rage-on-#lulz-and-get-demodded-protest. I even came up with a starting date for it: April 14th. I announced it on the StC chat, and kept it a secret everywhere else.

Around the same time, I started to question what the point of me blogging was. I was really mad at the community and I was still so embarrassed about liking Pop. Yet, I didn’t want to quit, at least not till Worlds comes out. So, I decided to take a break. I wrote a post and scheduled it for today, April 6th.

Before I knew it, it was April Fools Day. The day that could have ruined my reputation in this community forever. Look, I still don’t necessarily like the whole PopFeedz prank, but on that day, I absolutely hated it. I finally had something to blame the PHB for: a totally unoriginal prank. Yet most people seemed to love it! With that in mind, I wrote like 5 hate comments on the announcement post, wrote even worse ones on PopFeedz itself which never got approved, and said some rude things on the PHC. Let’s just say, I almost got demodded. But at the time, I had no regrets, zero.

I felt the same way for days after, but that all changed last night. I finally realized that there was no point in getting so upset about the PHB. It’s just a blog, nothing more, nothing less. Same goes for TCPB, and every other fan blog. And this community is meant to be a place where you can have fun and make friends, not enemies. I shouldn’t take everything so seriously, because it’s just causing a lot of harm to my online identity. I also accepted the fact that the fact that it’s not the authors’ fault that their blog is so dang popular.

So, I deleted the Save the Community server and cancelled the protest last night. The movement is over and it is never coming back. I’m relieved I stopped myself before it was too late, as the protest probably would have made the problem worse. Soon after, I deleted the post about me taking a break from TCPB. Last night I realized I didn’t want to stop blogging yet, so I deleted the post I had scheduled for this morning.

I just want to apologize to everyone. To the authors, I’m sorry I blamed you for ruining the community, again, it’s not your fault. To the people involved in Save the Community, I’m sorry for being so hateful. I promise you that something like this will never happen again. I really do. And while I can’t say for sure that I like the PHB, I will respect it for now on.

Let’s just move on and have fun for once.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. I’ll see you in my next post, and until then, have a nice day.

-Tall Cactus

April Fools 2017: My Thoughts

Warning: If you liked PopFeedz, please don’t give me crap for not being a fan of it in the comments. Just please, don’t. 

Hey guys. Yesterday was April Fools’ Day, and it was interesting, to put it shortly. I have to say, a lot of your pranks were pretty clever. Well, except for one, but that will be explained later in the post because it’s kinda controversial. But the first thing I want to discuss is just as important…

Just as I predicated, the Creators didn’t do a prank this year! I mean, you can’t really blame them, they’re probably busy with Worlds. But unlike last year, when they posted nothing that day, proving how busy they are, Skinny Moon posted this!


Seriously, GHD?! My least favorite island?! I really am starting to hate IOTM…

It’s just disappointing because their pranks from the past were so clever and witty and I really, really liked them. I hope they do another prank next year, well, if Pop still exists next year.

And here we are, at the controversial part of this post. PHB authors, if you’re reading this, don’t you dare try to get me in trouble for this post. This is my blog, the place where I can say whatever I want. I’m not even gonna advertise this post on the PHC, so yeah, there you go.

From that message you probably know exactly what I’m about to talk about. PopFeedz, the PHB’s prank for 2017. And you probably already know, but I really disliked this prank. It just felt, I don’t know, unoriginal. A total ripoff of BuzzFeed. Their pranks from previous years were so good, but this one was just, I don’t know, bad compared to the rest of their pranks. Being the person I am, I made my opinion on the joke site clear as day. And I almost got demodded for it, all because of one thing I said on the PHC.

This community has a serious freedom of speech issue. Negative opinions are frowned upon and it’s just making me even more negative. I hope that one day we can share our true opinions in public without getting in trouble for it.

Tall Cactus


Lol those leaks yesterday were totally fake. I just edited some pics from Geometry Dash World and stuff. I wanted to do a Chu Chu TV Blog thing for April Fools, but I just didn’t have the time, so I made fake Worlds leaks instead, lol. Hope you liked it better than the whole thing with Dr. Hare taking over TCPB last year.

Tall Cactus