Kung Fu Panda Ad and More!

Today, when I logged onto my Poptropica account and went to Home Island, I was greeted by two ad proposes for the upcoming Kung Fu Panda 3, coming to theaters on Janurary 29th! They are the Smash Attack Power and Baby Pandas! (The Baby Pandas are scute!) Also, if you watch the video ad, you’ll get the Tigress Costume, which, to be honest, looks a little weird. Anyway, these prizes are really cool, so be sure to get them while they last! There is also an ad on the app with different prizes, so be sure to check that out, too!

In other news, the newest sneak peak has left me wondering. It’s a picture of that blimp we’ve been seeing a lot recently for the new Home Island. However, there’s a medallion hanging off it, and do you want to know what’s even stranger? There are racing flags on it! You know, the ones at finish lines and stuff. Could this mean that blimp racing will be added soon? That would be awesome! Especially if it could be a mini game with other players. Hopefully the updated Home/Skydock Island will be here soon, as I am very excited for it!

-Tall Cactus





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