Theory/Story: Backstory Part 1

Lately, we have been getting hints that the Creators are going to reveal our Poptropican’s backstory. This could be on Skydock Island, (updated Home Island) the upcoming island for beginners, or something else. In fact, it might never happen, or it will be very short and boring.   Many people, such as Popular Wolf, think that you got your blimp from your long lost family. But, there might be a different story. One that’s probably not true, but could explain everything. Why do you travel island to island, each so different, and even in different time periods?

I think I may have an answer. A theory about it. No, a story about it. That is what I am going to share with you today. Just a quick note that sponsored islands don’t count. The Mystery of the Map Graphic Novel counts, and even plays a big role in this, but MotM Island doesn’t count, and never even happened. Well, here we go…

You are a random kid on one huge adventure. Even though each island is so different, they make up one story. Actually, they make up two stories.

The first story is the Story of Poptropica. Each island is telling the history and future of a mysterious world. One much like our own, but yet so very different.

And the second, more shocking story is the Story of YOU. Prepare yourselves-

Once upon a time you were a totally normal kid growing up in some random town on Earth, AKA the Real World. However, one day that changes. You somehow get transported to a strange world, Poptropica, when you rode a blimp into a thunderstorm. (Sound familiar? That’s what happened in Mystery of the Map. You’ll see why later.) In Poptropica, you ride your blimp above Home/Skydock Island, where you meet a pilot who loses his medallion and sends you on a quest to find it. After finding every shard, the Pilot allows you to keep it. But right before you leave, a strange man shows up. He tells you that his name is Octavian. Octavian gives you a map of all of the islands, and you start your quest to save all of the islands. However, there is something strange about Octavian, the map, and the medallion.

To be continued…

Stay tuned for Part 2 tommorrow!!!

-Tall Cactus

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