Theory/Story: Backstory Part 3

Here it is. The final part.

Octavian’s Story:

Once, there was a normal man named Octavian in his late 20’s-early 30’s who had a normal life in the Real World, AKA Earth. Ever since he was a little kid, he dreamed about being the world’s greatest explorer. However, this dream never really came true, and being a blimp pilot was the closest he could get. One day, he found a map lying randomly on the ground, one that seemed to be from Viking times. With it was a strange device. The time machine from Time Tangled. Only, he didn’t know that. Then, he accidentally uses it. He lands in ancient Poptropolis. You see, Poptropolis would later be renamed to Crete, or some random island in Greece. But, after Octavian went back in time, Zeus got mad. Zeus made a huge flood that sank Poptropolis. Also, after a chain of events, all of the continents, like Europe and North America, where separated into islands. Thus, Earth’s history was forever changed. It was no longer named Earth. It was named Poptropica, after Poptropolis and all of the islands. But time being messed up also caused the original timeline of Earth to make its own dimension. Future technology made it possible to travel into the univeres of different book and comic series, too. All of this was made by Zeus himself, by thunderstorm portals. This also lead to magic, amazing almost impossible-technology, and many other things that wouldn’t exist in Earth’s original timeline. And, that is why some real life events and places exist, and some don’t.

Some time later, Octavian learned how to use the device properly. He traveled through time, and at the same time he realizes that maybe if he uses future technology, that he can get back to the original Earth timeline. But, it just makes it worse. So, when he travels to the future, he steals its technology, and goes back to the past, only he lands on Astro-Knights Island. He pretended to be a man named Mordred, and took credit for the future technology for his own. He later got arrested. He hired a good friend of his, who was kind of crazy and evil, to pretend to be Mordred himself. That guy escaped into space, and used some of the technology that Octavian showed him to become the Binary Bard. That’s why Mordred and Binary Bard have different skin tones.

Octavian finally returned to the present, where he finally found out about the thunderstorm portals, and uses one to return to Earth’s original timeline. He once again returns to his blimp pilot job. But, you’re there, and you take a ride on a blimp, landing in Poptropica. Octavian really just wanted revenge, but you end up to saving the world, traveling through time, and becoming an explorer. Attempting to erase that future, he once again goes back to Earth. He then takes 3 random kids like you, Oliver, Jorge, and Mya, to Poptropica, this time using the time machine to go to Viking times, the origin of that mysterious map, to find out the true secrets of Poptropica, to get revenge, to change the future, and to finally become an explorer just like he dreamed his entire life. Then, the events of Mystery of the Map occur. However, before the timeline is destroyed, you time travel once again, to save yourself and your future. But you never seem find your way back home, to your family. Maybe, just maybe, you will some day. But it may never happen.


-Tall Cactus


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