Mystery of the Missing Photo Booth!

So, today when I went to Home Island, I saw this:


The Photo Booth is GONE! Don’t worry, though, this probably means that the Creators are working on the Valentine’s Day update, and had to remove it in the process. I expect the update to come out either later today or tomorrow. While you are waiting, you can always use the Photo Booth on the app.

Also, something else is weird. You know how the Creators added a finishers’ map for Reality TV Island in November? And how first time finishers got 200 credits instead of 150, for a limited time? Well, it looks like it’s still there.


Well, I don’t know for sure if you’ll still get 200 credits or if the Creators just forgot to update the map, but I don’t feel like making another account and replaying the island. Reality TV is ANNOYING. I have no idea how I managed to win the show on my first try and end getting 3rd place when the World Finishers’ Map first came out. I guess I got lucky, especially since the last event was Geyser Guess.

-Tall Cactus




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