I’m Writing a Fan-Fiction!

Yes, you’ve heard it. The day has come to announce one of the biggest things ever to be on this Poptropica blog. I’m not exactly sure what the title will be, but right now it’s going to be called The Totem Curse. And the “totem” means the villain totems from Super Villain Island. The ones that make villains evil. So, as you guessed, this fan fiction is about the Returning Four, AKA Dr. Hare, Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, and Binary Bard. I’ve seen many fan fictions about this, like “Assembling the Returning Four” by Brave Tomato. And even PopTRAPica by Mad APPer is a little bit similar, as both have Dr. Hare as the main character. But, this one is different. Very different. First of all, this isn’t a short story. It’s a series. A long one, too. Also, most of it, well, actually the first half, is about the villains BEFORE they became evil. And Super Villain Island isn’t the end of it. In fact, SVI is actually the turning point in between the first half and the second half. And the second half is well, crazy. And epic at the same time. Oops. I said too much. You’ll just have to read the series to find out what I mean.

Anyway, the prologue should come out soon, probably on Monday. I’m not going to have an actual release schedule, but I’ll try to post a chapter, or part of a chapter, at least once or twice a week. Trust me, this story starts out a little slow, but it gets better. I promise.

Oh, and before I go, I just want to say that I’ve been having ideas for fan-fictions for a while now, since May. The plots have changed, though. In May, my idea was how all of the Poptropica villains escaped from the online game, but I later realized that the idea was boring and didn’t have an interesting story. Then, over the summer and into the fall, I had a better idea about a girl who could travel into the game of Poptropica and back into the Real World, but it didn’t really work out. And then I had my best idea yet. Poptropica: Frozen in Time. After I decided to make Poptropica a real place, and not a computer game, the stories suddenly got a lot better. FiT would have been an awesome fan fiction, but I just couldn’t come up with a plot for the middle of the story. The good news is that some of the important parts from FiT have made it into the Totem Curse. I  really excited, guys. I hope you are, too.

-Tall Cactus



7 thoughts on “I’m Writing a Fan-Fiction!

  1. Sweet that you’re writing a Fan Fic. I love them and am TRYING to figure out mine. Should i make it a animated video? Or a book? Or a comic? Yeah, but Thumbs up for getting yours down!!


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