The Totem Curse- Chapter 1: A Trip Down Memory Lane

*September 1997, 24 Carrot Island*

Whatever you do, DON’T remind Harvey H. Hare of his childhood. I’m not saying it was bad or anything, it’s just that he grew up on the world’s most famous carrot farm. And he sure didn’t like THAT at all.

Harvey was born on August 4, 1980, at the 24 Carrot Island Hospital. He has two older brothers, Harry Hare and Henry Hare Jr. Their parents, Henry Hare Sr. and Hannah Hare, are the proud owners of Funny Bunny Carrot Farm, and have always dreamed that their sons would one day take over the farm when their parents retired. Henry and Harry loved being farmers and that made their parents proud. But, Harvey was different.

You see, Harvey was a genius. In fact, he skipped grades 2 and 5. He loved science, especially chemistry. And unlike his two older brothers, Harvey planned to leave the farm to go to college, and never come back.

He and his brothers often argued about this, they never really got along. Especially since Harry and Harvey were in the same grade, even though Harvey was 2 years younger.

Harvey was often made fun of in school. Being the youngest, he had a hard time making real friends. This didn’t bother him, though. As long as he had science, he was happy. Until that time in middle school.

It was a normal day, when all of a sudden one of Harry’s friends held up a photo.

“Hey look! It’s a picture of Harvey in a bunny suit! Hahaha!”

Everyone started to laugh.

Harvey remembered that photo. It was from when he was 9 years old and was dressed up for Halloween. Harry must have found it and gave it to his friends.

Harvey told everyone to stop, but it wouldn’t help. After that terrible day, the bullying never seemed to end. People constantly called him names like “Bunny Boy.”

Luckily, Harvey had a best friend. His older cousin, Charlotte. Like Harry, Charlotte was 2 years older than Harvey. But she was one of the only people who accepted Harvey for who he was. Her dad was Harold Hare, the younger brother of Henry Hare Sr. He never liked farming, but loved art, so he moved to Counterfeit Island and eventually married an artist named Claire, and a few years later Charlotte was born. Charlotte grew up loving art too, but she was never that good at it, so she visited the local art museum often. She also visited her cousins on 24 Carrot Island every few months.

And then the worst happened. When Charlotte was 13, her parents died in a car crash. The same day they were going to see “the Scream” at the museum. That painting only comes there every 5 years or so. Charlotte swore to herself that one day the Scream would be hers so no one else could enjoy it.

After the funeral, Charlotte moved in with her aunt and uncle at the carrot farm. She and Harvey became even better friends as they now shared a room. Harvey  wasn’t so alone any longer.

But Charlotte was still mourning. The only thing she had left from her parents was her mother’s beautiful paintbrush. She loved that paintbrush. However, at the time, she had no idea that it was cursed.

That was years ago, though. It was 1997 now. Harvey, at 17 years old, was finally going to go to the National Institute of Silly Sciences, his dream college. Charlotte, 19, an adult, was going to study at the National Institute of the Arts, which is just a few miles away from N.I.S.S.

As Harvey said his goodbyes to his family, he knew he might never come back. He was wrong. Exactly 10 years later, he would return as the world’s most evil super villain, Dr. Hare.

But, a lot happened before that…

Chapter 2 Coming Out This Saturday, Feb. 20!

Tall Cactus

P.S.- I know this was long. Maybe even a little too long. But to fully understand the plot of this series, you must know Harvey’s childhood, and it only made sense to put it in one chapter. Leave your predictions and thoughts down in the comments! And be excited, because Chapter 2 truly starts the main plot line.



7 thoughts on “The Totem Curse- Chapter 1: A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. Saw a more recent chapter, decided to read the first one. Gives a good backstory, kind of like Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Good game, BTW, but I don’t recommend it to elementary schoolers. Has blood/gore and this one character that cusses a lot. None of the other characters do. (At least, I don’t think.)

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  2. You’re still twelve? Wheesh when I was twelve my writing was a wreck! Generally, I wouldn’t consider this too long at all – in fact, some might consider it short xP However, in this case, I think the length was perfect for a backstory chapter 🙂 Not too lengthy and not too short that there’s a compromise on what you have to say. The writing was a little simple but that’s to be expected and can be improved on over time, but the good thing is that allowed for a very light sort of writing style – makes the whole thing easy and enjoyable to read, so keep that up! (The older you get and the more detail you write, the more you miss the days you could write a piece without making it too gaudy tbh.) And yes, the tone! Love the tone 🙂 It’s a tone that’s very suited for the setting of this story, so good on you!

    There’s no issue with bits of capitalisation around, though I think I should point out that it can have the tendency to look a little out of place xP I’d suggest replacing the capitalisation on the words ‘DON’T’ and ‘THAT’ with italics to make the whole paragraph neater 🙂 But don’t end up overusing it (a good gauge would be approx. once per chapter at max-ish. Well, that depends on what you’re writing too but I mean generally xD)! I see capitalisation as more for things like shouting etc.

    These are details that I only noticed upon rereading, which means that they aren’t standout errors and might actually just be me hallucinating xD I can from this chapter that the loss of Charlotte’s parents turned her into someone bitter but I don’t know much about Harvey! It’s mentioned that “the bullying never seemed to end” which is an obvious sign that Harvey was changed or affected by the happenings of his childhood, but I think it’d have been a nice touch if the effects of the bullying were more prominent. How did it affect him? How has he changed because of it? Also, show, don’t tell! A few parts of the chapter were kinda like “this happened, that happened, and so it resulted in this”. This typically causes a certain lack of engagement to the story but one thing saved you from that – your easy-to-read writing style and lovely tone 🙂 Tbh idk how I’d change that, though I can help by pointing out that sentences such as “You see, Harvey was a genius.” particularly stood out as telling more than showing 😛

    Overall, don’t get me wrong because all of this is great work! I might’ve said a lot but that’s just me rambling and blowing up minuscule issues xD Sincere apologies if you weren’t looking for something so full-on, ’cause I’m pretty sure you write more for fun than for crazy long crit paras xD I have tendencies of getting carried away 😛

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