The Totem Curse-Chapter 2: Welcome to the N.I.S.S.

YES! Here it is- the chapter that truly starts the main plot line! Enjoy:

*September 1997 – Shark Tooth Island*

The boat ride to Shark Tooth Island seemed to take forever, even though it was only a half hour trip. Then, it was a 5 minute walk to the center of the little island, where the National Institute of Silly Sciences was located, and where Harvey was going to college. Next to it was the National Institute of the Artistic Arts. Or at least it was supposed to be.

Harvey: “WHAT THE HECK!?! THIS IS THE N.I.S.S.!?!”

Instead of being that huge, modern building the photos of it showed, it instead looked pretty old and was the size of a small elementary school. And the National Institute of the Artistic Arts was nowhere to be found.

Just then a man who looked about 35 years old in a suit walked out of the building, along with a few students.

“Oh, you’re finally here! My name is Dr. Bill Nye! Welcome to the N.I.S.S.!”

Charlotte: “Um, where’s the National Institute of the Artistic Arts? It’s supposed to be next to the N.I.S.S.!”

Dr. Bill Nye: “Oh, oops. I forgot to tell you. The N.I.A.A. doesn’t exist anymore! It is instead a part of the N.I.S.S! Sorry! :D”

Charlotte: “Whatever…weirdo. I can’t believe you lied about this place.”

Harvey: “Um, how many people are actually at this college, anyway?”

Dr. Bill Nye: “33! Isn’t that great? :D”

Charlotte: “Not really. No wonder this place is so small!”

Dr. Bill Nye: “Yup! We almost went bankrupt! Thanks to you two paying money to get here, this college will survive! :D”

Harvey: “You got to be kidding me…”

Dr. Bill Nye: “I would like to present a few of the best students here! First we have Summer Sunshine! Yes, that IS her real name! Her favorite hobby other than science is surfing!”

Summer Sunshine: “OMZ did I just get a bug in my beautiful blonde hair?!? EWWWW GET IT OFF OF ME!!!”

Dr. Bill Nye: “Next, we have another new student- Bob!”

Bob: “I change my mind! I don’t want to go to college. I want to work in the Shark Museum on Main Street! My new name is SHARK GUY! Bye!”

Dr. Bill Nye: “OK then! 😀 And now I introduce our smartest student yet- Robert Jones!”

Robert: “For the last time, I prefer to be called MORDRED!!! You know, my middle name!”

Dr. Bill Nye: “Oh, Ok. Well, now let’s go on a tour of the-“

Harvey: “That’s it. Tell me why the college looks totally different than in the picture, and why are you so happy about it?”

Dr. Bill Nye: *Blushes* “Hehe, what are you talking about?” *fake smile*

Harvey and Charlotte stare at him.

Dr. Bill Nye: “Fine. I confess. This university WAS one of the best in Poptropica. It was lead by Professor Hammerhead, the famous shark scientist that made this island, and college, famous. But, just a few months ago, he went missing. Some said he was chased by the Great Booga Shark. Either way, the N.I.S.S. fell apart, and is barely surviving. Now I have to take over for Hammerhead. Please promise that you’ll give it a chance. Please?”

Harvey: “Yes. I will.”

Charlotte: “You mean, WE will.”

Harvey: “Yep. Let’s do this!”

Dr. Bill Nye: “THANK YOU! Now I’ll get to keep my job for at least a few more years! Let’s go inside-“

Summer Sunshine: “Uh-NOW I THINK I SWALLOWED THE BUG! HELP!!!” *Starts running around in circles.*

Harvey: “This is going to take some getting used to…”

To Be Continued in Chapter 3, Coming Out on 2/24!

Tall Cactus

P.S.- This chapter was actually meant to be a funnier one, for a reason. As the series continues, the plot will thicken, so it will focus more on story, not humor. So, I’ll try to make them funny while they last! 😀

P.P.S.- Dr. Bill Nye is a parody of Bill Nye the Science Guy!

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