Monkey Wrench Island: Release and Review

I was seriously not expecting this. Monkey Wrench was first announced YESTERDAY, yet the Creators just decided to release it today, on a Wednesday, with no notice what so ever. Whatever, though. This 10-minute-long-tutorial revealed the truth of one of Poptropica’s biggest mysteries- where our blimp came from.

So, here’s the basic plot: On Home Island, you’ll see a plane. Amelia will be standing there, talking about a race. You’ll eagerly join. You’ll then find yourself among many of the other racers, including a pirate on a flying ship from Skullduggery, and an Astro-Knight on the Mother Phoenix. The race will then start. An evil pilot, the Red Baroness, will try to stop you from beating her by throwing a wrench at your plane, causing it to crash on an island. On the island, you’ll meet some monkeys, and later a lazy guy who really annoys me, Crusoe, and will try to fix the plane, which doesn’t work. Crusoe will then give you blueprints for a flying machine, which looks like it would be Balloon Boy 2, but the monkeys make you a much better one. Your BLIMP. Seriously. You and Amelia later rejoin the race in the blimp, beat the Red Barioness, and win the island medallion.

Now for the review. I mean, this island does have some really awesome art and reveals the truth about the blimp, but it’s also very short and repetitive with a simple plot line. You have to remember that it’s a tutorial for players who have just started playing Poptropica. A very good tutorial, in fact. Then again, it’s good to have an easy island every once in a while, especially when the last island is like Escape From Pelican Rock.

I rate it 6.9 for experts and 8.9 for beginners.

That’s all for now. There may even be some upcoming theories about MWI, by the way. 😀

-Tall Cactus



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