The Totem Curse- Chapter 3: The Secret Meeting

Shark Tooth Island – September 1997

Later that day, Dr. Bill Nye showed Harvey and Charlotte where their rooms were and their roommates.

Dr. Bill Nye: “Harvey, you’ll be sharing your dorm with Robert! :D!”

Robert: “For the last time, I prefer to be called MORDRED!!!

Harvey: “Great… -_-”

Dr. Bill Nye “Charlotte, you’ll be staying with Summer Sunshine! :D”

Charlotte and Summer Sunshine: “NOOO YOU CAN’T DO THIS!!!”

Dr. Bill Nye: “Sorry! We just don’t have many rooms at this college, so I had to pair you two up. Have fun! :D”

That night, Robert/Mordred talked to Harvey in their dorm.

Robert/Mordred (whatever you want to call him…): “You know, I’m working on a really cool experiment upstairs in the lab… it’s totally top secret. Do you want to see it?”

Harvey: “Ok…”

Robert/Mordred: “We’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Goodnight.”

Harvey fell asleep right away, but Robert/Mordred couldn’t sleep.

“Why did I tell him?” he thought. “Now it’s too late!”

Just then he heard a noise. It was Dr. Bill Nye talking to Summer Sunshine… in the middle of the night? Robert put on a black outfit to disguise himself, and went over to Charlotte’s and Summer’s dorm to see what was going on.

Dr. Bill Nye: “It’s time for the meeting. Let’s go.”

Bill Nye and Summer walked down into the basement. Robert followed.

Dr. Bill Nye: “Hehe. All of those fake smiles…I’m no Mr. Nice Guy.”

Summer: “I know.”

In the basement, a woman who Robert had never seen before stood there. She had long chocolate brown hair and wore a purple tunic. She looked like she was pulled out of Ancient Greece.

Dr. Bill Nye: “Lavenda. There you are. We need to discuss what we are going to do about the 4. He should be here any minute now.”

Robert, who was hiding behind a corner, wondered who “he” was. But before he could realize it…

There was a flash of lightning.

Dr. Bill Nye: “Oh, hello Zeus. I see you got here a few minutes early…”


Tall Cactus


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