If Poptropica Had a TV Show…

Heyo guys! Today I’m doing something a little different. There have been a lot rumors going around that the Pop Comics and/or Graphic Novel series will be turned into a cartoon or movie. I actually don’t want that to be the case, as I don’t think they are meant to be on television. So, here’s my version.

First episode: So, one day, a girl and a boy, who are twins, are walking home from school, and they find a medallion on the ground. However, when they pick it up, they find something written in some code language, and are teleported to another dimension, Poptropica. There, they land on Home Island. The mayor takes the medallion, which is actually his, and will be the prize for a race. The twins walk down the street and see Amelia Earhart and her plane. Apparently, when she was trying to fly around the world decades ago, she got lost, and also got transported to Poptropica.  After learning this, the twins and Amelia head to the race, and the events of Monkey Wrench Island take place. The twins, after returning to Home Island, receive a map from a guy named Octavian, and then he leaves in his blimp. The twins then go to their blimp and start their adventure across the islands to find out this to get home. The episode ends with a clip of Zeus laughing, foreshadowing that he is the main villain of Season 1.

For the rest of Season 1, the twins save a bunch of the islands, and discover clues about Pop along the way. Super Villain Island is split into 2 parts, the second part being the Season 1 Finale. This version explains the totems.

Things get more intense in Season 2. As villains get even stronger, the twin’s adventures get bigger and harder. They learn that Octavian is their uncle and placed the medallion on Earth in the first place. Octavian is the only one who knows how to travel between dimensions.

In the series finale, the truth about Poptropica is learned. Poptropica is a different timeline of Earth where all the countries split into islands and that time is frozen, resulting in all of the crazy time periods the islands have. If they don’t destroy Poptropica, the entire universe will fall apart. They make the choice to make Earth and Pop one. Fortunately, to still have Pop live on, they turn it into a computer game, the defeated villains become the Creators, and the twin’s lives are back to normal.

Tall Cactus


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