The Totem Curse- Chapter 5: Lost in Time (Mordred’s Story Part 1)

When Robert opened his eyes, he saw a crowd of people staring at him in shock. They were all wearing medieval clothing. A sign next to him read, ‘Welcome to the Kingdom of Arturus.’ Robert’s beloved, but cursed, astrolabe was in his right hand, and a stopwatch was in the other. The stopwatch was Lavenda’s. She had accidentally thrown it in the time machine along with the astrolabe when Robert got sucked in. He had no idea what it did.

Just then, the king and queen walked up to Robert, along with their daughter, Elyana.

King: “Who are you, and how did you get here?  Dark magic, I suppose. You shall be taken to the dungeon immediately.”

Queen: *Looks at the black sweater and pants Robert was wearing. The only reason he was wearing them was to spy on the secret meeting.* “And you call that clothing? So unfashionable, peasant.”

King: “Anyway, let’s just arrest him now.”

Robert: “Wait!  My name is Robert, I mean Mordred, and I’m lost in time! Please just help me! You can’t do this-”

King: “Don’t talk back to the King of Arturus! Now, come with me-”

Robert Mordred then remembered the stopwatch. He decided to see what would happen when you use it. When he pushed the button, everything around him suddenly stopped. The stopwatch could freeze time, but only for a minute or two.

Mordred: “Brilliant! Frozen time will allow me to escape! But I have to hurry!”

Mordred ran as fast as he could. A few minutes later, he realized that time was moving again, but he was far enough away that he would be safe. He reached a little house. Apparently, the person who once lived there was very old and had passed away just a few months before. However, the house was so small that no one wanted to move in it. Until now.

Mordred walked in the house to find it perfectly clean and tidy. He even found some clothes and a hat he could wear to make him look like he was from Arturus, not the future. They were even purple and yellow, his favorite colors. After he got changed, he walked outside, just to see the king and his knights running towards the house.

King: “You think changing your clothes will disguise you? We know it’s you, Mordred. Now you will come with us to the dungeon, or else.”

The knights stare at Mordred, and start to tie him up.

King: “We will give you one minute to come with us.”

Mordred tried using the stopwatch, but the battery was dead. And batteries didn’t exist yet. He was stuck here.

Mordred: “Please don’t arrest me. I never did anything wrong. I never meant to disturb your kingdom. Just let me have a chance! I will live here peacefully. I even found this house to call home! Plus, I will reward you for freeing me.”

King: “What’s this reward?”

Mordred: “I’ll bring technology to this kingdom.”

King: “Technology? Never heard of it. But it sounds good either way. It’s a deal.”

The King and Mordred then shake hands. Mordred would have to prove himself- fast, by reinventing things from the future. It could mess up history, but then again, Mordred was a little selfish.

His first order of business was building an observatory on Main Street. Mordred had always loved outer space. In fact, his astrolabe, a gift from his 3rd Birthday, sparked this interest.

The people of Arturus loved it! After building it, Mordred build space ships so people could travel to other planets in the Poptropican Solar System. This started the whole astro-knight thing. Unfortunately, they took years to build, and were very dangerous.  Mordred would never fully finish one for just himself to use.

Finally, he started experimenting with DNA and robotics. After lots of hard work, he created his best invention ever- Merlin the robotic owl. And then he studied the dark sciences. But the townspeople of Arturus, and especially the King and Queen, had different thoughts about these experiments. Ones that would almost cost Mordred his life, and his sanity.

To Be Continued in Chapter 6, Coming Out on Saturday, March 5th!!!

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