Blog Updates: New Header, Pages, and More!

Hello Poptropicans! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Anyway, today I’ve been updating the blog a little. First of all, you may have noticed the new header:


Thank you to Ultimate iPad Expert for making it! 😀

I’ve also updated and added some new pages:

Art: Poptropica fan artists, now your art can be featured on the Art page! See it for more details on how to get your art posted.

Theories: All the theories posted on the blog will be here!

The Totem Curse: Ultimate Guide: Everything you want to know about the fan fiction and more! (Note: the guide itself hasn’t been posted yet but should be in the next few weeks.)

Well, that’s all for now. I will continue to add more pages in the upcoming weeks and months. Also, Chapter 6 of the Totem Curse will be posted in just a couple hours. See you then!

Tall Cactus


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