The Totem Curse- Chapter 7: The Aftermath

News about the explosion spread like wildfire. Soon almost everyone knew about the terrible liars, Dr. Bill Nye and Summer Sunshine.

When Harvey woke up, he was lying in a bed with his left leg in a cast. Charlotte was sleeping in another bed next to him to his right, and a a few familiar faces were to his left. There is also a doctor near him. She looked about 40 years old.

Harvey: “Ugh…where am I?!?”

Doctor: “In the hospital.”

Harvey suddenly remembered what happened- the epic chase scene, the prophecy, the N.I.S.S. being a fake, the time machine, and the explosion that caused him to be at the hospital in the first place.

Doctor: “You are very lucky. You escaped that explosion with only a few broken bones. Same with your cousin Charlotte over there. And as for those people-”

Dr. Bill Nye and Summer Sunshine are standing near the door, with Summer with bandages on her face and Bill in a wheelchair. Some police are surrounding the two, and they place handcuffs around their arms.

Cop #1: “You two are under arrest.”

Summer Sunshine: “WHAT?!? You can’t, like, ARREST us!!!! We did, like, nothing wrong!!!!”

Cop #2: “‘Nothing wrong?’ The only thing wrong is what you just said! You literally made a fake college, stole people’s money, lied like 30 times, stole 27 robots-”

Dr. Bill Nye: “We didn’t steal those robots! We bought them from a friend of mine, Victor E.Vi-”

Cop #3: “That doesn’t matter. Your worst crime of all is putting your ‘students’- and your own- lives in danger. They could have died!  Just for you to become rich and IMMORTAL!!!”

Cop #1: “Let’s go. Have fun in jail!!!”

The three cops, Bill Nye and Summer walk out of the room. The only people left are Harvey, Charlotte (who’s still sleeping) and the doctor.

Doctor: “Thank goodness those two are gone. They’ll be in prison for at least a good 15 years. Anyway, now I can finally talk to you two about something.”

Harvey: “What?”

Doctor: “Nothing survived the explosion. All of your belongings were ruined. Except for this paintbrush. This should be studied by the greatest sciences in Poptropica!”

Charlotte: “zzzz… WHAT?!? That’s MY paintbrush! It was my mother’s, before she… died. *Starts to cry* GIVE IT BACK NOW!!!!”

Doctor: “I’m really sorry…I didn’t know. You can keep it.”

Charlotte holds the paintbrush in her hand and smiles.

Charlotte: “I am going to paint a self portrait as soon as we can leave this hospital!”

If only she knew that that paintbrush has been cursed ever since her parents died. Oh well.

Doctor: “Anyways, I have some good news. You see, the National Institute of the Silly Sciences IS in fact a real place. Those lying idiots made a fake version just so that Lightning Dude could make them gods. I don’t know all of the details, but whatever. The thing is, the real N.I.S.S. is one of the best universities in Poptropica, just like you thought.”

Harvey: “It is? :)”

Doctor: “Sure is. The head officials over there found out about what happened, and they felt really bad, so they gave both you and Charlotte free scholarships! You will go there in a few days.”

Charlotte: “Awesome!”

Harvey: “Cool, but wait- where did Lavenda go?”

Doctor: “I have no clue. Sorry.”

Charlotte: “Who cares about Lavenda! She was helping those liars. We should really worry about Mordred!”

Harvey: “His real name is Robert, you know. And I’m still mad at him.”

Charlotte: “Well, I need to tell you something. I kind of had a crush on him. And I never got to tell him. Now he’s gone.”

Harvey: “Let’s just forget about the past. We have a great future in store.”

We’ll have to see about that.

Chapter 8 Releases on Saturday, March 12th!

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