Theory Thursdays…I mean FRIDAY: The Unsolved Mysteries of Poptropica

As you all know, it’s a Friday. I was busy last night, and I had no time to write a theory for Theory Thursdays. So I decided to do something special in return this week.

So, earlier on my Discord server, TC POP CHAT, I asked you guys to come up with questions about things in Poptropica that are still mysteries, such as, “Where did the blimp come from?” Of course, that was finally answered in Monkey Wrench Island, so maybe one day the other mysteries will be solved!


Our first question comes from Bronze Wolf-

“If the other islands are completely and totally accessible to other islanders, wouldn’t this have been possible?”


TC’s Theory: Yes. If this is true, then it will probably go along with my Frozen in Time Theory. Maybe technology came to some islands that got frozen in time, like Astro-Knights, and not others, like Mystery Train. This explains why islands that were originally hundreds of years after others will have less technology then the past. Also, I do agree that Mordred was the one who really made Holmes evil… :,D


Our next question is also from Bronze Wolf-

“Do you agree with the theory of MotM actually being a story about Octavian actually being a player character?”  (

TC’s Theory: Sorry, HPuterpop (who wrote the original theory), but no, I do not agree. Even though it would be really cool if that was true, it doesn’t make sense. You see, if Poptropica was a game, why do the kids look like Poptropicans in the real world? Wouldn’t they have heard of the game before? They would be able to read their story on the game, in print! There are just too many plot holes. However, the theory could work if Poptropica was not a game, but another dimension.


Next up, question number 3, from Super Comet-

“I’ve got one… So, say you do all of the islands in order. Now, the Wimpy Kid islands. If you do Wimpy Wonderland first, obviously Greg wouldn’t recognize you because you’ve never met. But WHAT ABOUT WIMPY BOARDWALK!?! Greg doesn’t give any indication that he’s met you! I know, it’s kinda silly and it doesn’t have much depth. But it’s still a mystery!”
TC’s Theory: There could be two different Gregs. One is the one from Wonderland, and the other is in color in Boardwalk. Or he has memory loss. Or, even crazier yet, Wimpy Wonderland could just be some story he made up in his journal. That’s why the whole island looks like it’s on paper. And Wimpy Boardwalk did happen in real life, AKA the reason why it is in color (kind of like Timmy Failure Island). Or, of course, the Creators made a stupid mistake. LOL.

Question #4, from DJScratchStep-
“What if all the islands in Poptropica were alternate realities and our character was just dreaming?”
TC’s Theory: Interesting. I’ve never thought about it that way. You never know, this could be true.  😉

And finally, our last question, from Ultimate iPad Expert-
“Perhaps about MotM, I’ve been curious plenty about the original creation of Poptropica, and what the map is/where it came from exactly.”
TC’s Theory: That’s the reason why I didn’t enjoy MotM. They didn’t explain anything! Anyway, there is a 99.9% chance that this will be explained later in the graphic novel series. It’s only the first book, BTW. But that’s not for a long time, so I predict that the map was from the first explorers of Poptropica, and Poptropica was created becuase of a messed-up timeline. I really am not sure at the moment.

Well, those are all of the questions that I received. But there are still so many more waiting to be asked. So, should we do this again next week for Theory Thursdays? Or take a break and do the normal theory routine? It’s all up to you. Here’s a poll-
That’s all for this week’s Theory Thursday Friday!
Tall Cactus

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