The Totem Curse- Chapter 8: Welcome to the REAL N.I.S.S.

New Pop City (the Poptropica parody of New York City)

Harvey: “Wow, I can’t believe we are finally here! The REAL N.I.S.S.! It looks exactly like it did in the picture!”

Harvey holds up the original picture of the N.I.S.S. he had from before. The university looked…perfect.

Harvey: “I think I’m gonna…” *faints*

Charlotte: “Faint. Ugh….Just get up…these STUPID CRUTCHES!!! Why did your leg have to break?!?”

Harvey wakes up.

Harvey: “What…”

Charlotte: “Well, I gotta go to the National Institute of the Arts, which is only a few blocks away. Bye Harvey!”

Harvey: “Bye. I’ll see you this weekend, I guess.”

Harvey was so excited that he could barely walk with his crutches.

The rest of the day was amazing. Harvey had such a great dorm, great teachers, and he was even making some friends. Real friends.

Not Harvey’s roommate, though. His roommate was a guy named Michael Silva. Silva was cranky and mean most of the time and kept trying to make inventions to become rich, and he never did. He never got to do his dream job. Or even his CHILDHOOD dream job of being a fireman. He instead got stuck as a science teacher on Shrink Ray Island, where he eventually shrunk one of his students, who he was jealous of, with the student’s own invention- a shrink ray. He then got shrunken by some kid, who he also shrunk, and Silva was stuck tiny forever- and arrested. That wasn’t for years after this N.I.S.S. days, though.

The weekend couldn’t come soon enough. Harvey was excited because he and Charlotte were going to go to the Statue of Poperty (Poptropican Statue of Liberty Parody). But that morning, something came in the mail.

Harvey: “What’s this? A cage?”

A cute pink bunny hops out.

Harvey: “OMG! He’s so cute! I love you I-!”

Bunny bites his hand and growls.

Harvey: “AHHH!! What the heck are you doing! You’re supposed to be a good bunny!”

The bunny makes those Puss and Boots eyes.

Harvey: “OK..I’m sorry..mmm…Fuzzy Bunny. Fuzzy Bunny? That’s what I’m going to name you!”

Harvey starts to hug Fuzzy Bunny when he sees something else in the cage.

Harvey: “What’s this? It looks like a note-‘Dear Harvey, We are very sorry about what happened to you and Charlotte a couple weeks ago. Here’s a cute bunny! We love you! -Your Mommy’ My MOM wrote this? Ugh…whatever…Wait-there’s something else in here!

Harvey sticks his arm in the box and pulls out a golden carrot. There was was a tiny bite mark on it.

Harvey: “What the heck is THAT!?!”

The golden carrot magically makes the bite marks disappear, making the carrot return to normal.

Harvey:”Umm…something isn’t right about this…”

Just then the clock striked 11:00 AM.

Harvey: “Oh right! It’s time to go to the Statue of Poperty with Charlotte!”

Harvey sets the golden carrot on a table and puts Fuzzy Bunny is his cage, and leaves his dorm, where Silva had been sleeping the whole time.

Later, on a boat next to the Statue of Poperty (they couldn’t go to the top because Harvey had crutches)

Charlotte: “Wow! This is so amazing! Wait, what’s wrong, Harvey?”

Harvey: “I mean, this college is great and all, but my roommate is a jerk. I kinda miss Robert. Why didn’t I just help him?”

Charlotte: “It’s OK, Harvey. You didn’t know. Who knows, he could still be alive somewhere.”

Harvey: “Still. I just don’t want to think about it. But I need to tell you something.”

Charlotte: “What?”

Harvey: “A few hours ago my mom sent a bunny for me in the mail, and he kinda hates me, and there was this strange golden carrot in the box, and something doesn’t feel right about it, and…”

Charlotte: “OMZ what’s THAT?!?”

A huge pirate ship stops. right in front of Harvey and Charlotte. A plank connects both ships, and a man walks off.

Harvey: “Who are YOU?!?”

Man: “My name is James Crawfish.”


Tall Cactus


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