Something Big is Coming…

Hello Poptropicans! In just six days, one of the biggest parties on the blog will happen, to celebrate…*drum roll*…


Yup, you’ve heard it. My one year anniversary of discovering Poptropica is just around the corner! I know that’s not much compared to people like Slanted Fish, but this is still a big deal for me and this blog.

The celebration will be on Saturday, March 26th. There will be a multiverse, a party on my Discord channel (TC POP CHAT), and much more! It will also be an Easter party at the same time, since on the actual Easter I will be out of town.

I’m not sure what time it will start at, as I am not exactly sure what my plans are that day, but I will let you know when the date gets closer.

Stay tuned for more details.

Tall Cactus


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