The Totem Curse- Chapter 13: An Unlikely Hero Part 1

Continued from Chapter 12

In just 4 days, Poppy had saved Early Poptropica, Monkey Wrench, Shark Tooth, and Time Tangled. She was finally the explorer who would visit every single island in all of Poptropica. The thing she didn’t know, though, was that her parents were super worried and had called the police and other emergency services to find her and bring her back home. They were starting to get worried that Poppy was kidnapped or something. And Daisy didn’t even care that much.

On the fifth morning, she landed her blimp on 24 Carrot Island, just to find the worse. Buildings were falling apart, and the people living there were in a terrible mood.

Mayor: “Help us! All of our carrots have been stolen! And carrots are 24 Carrot Island’s main purpose. So, in just a couple weeks, the island’s entire economy has fallen apart! Now we are stuck on the streets with no jobs.  I have no idea who caused this. *cries*”

Poppy: “I don’t understand. How can entire island’s economy fall apart in just a few weeks? Makes no sense to me. Maybe I-”

Just then a waiter from the local diner came running up to the mayor, holding a few pictures.

Waiter: “OH NO!!! 4 kids went missing yesterday- and one of them is my son! WAHHH!!!!!”

Poppy: “Don’t worry. I can help.”

Waiter: “Why should we trust you? You’re just a kid. You could just get kidnapped like my son was! WAHHHHH!!!!!”

Poppy just walked away.

A Few Hours Later…

Poppy: “Yasss….I finally got in this old factory! Maybe I will finally-AHHH!!!”

The kids who had gone missing had weird robotic bunny ears on their heads and spinning green eyes. They were being mind controlled!

Kid: “What. Are. You. Doing. Here? Dr. Hare. Must. Stop. The. Intruder immediately! Fellow minions assemble!”

The other three kids race to where Poppy was standing.

Poppy: “Uh…well I’m really sorry about this, but I gotta go…”

Poppy then quickly ran away from Dr. Hare’s minions and entered the closest room she could find. She ran so quickly that the security system couldn’t even check to see if she was a minion or not.

However, the room she entered was not what she thought it would be- the was a giant robot rabbit thing, and suddenly she saw a full grown man in a bunny suit yell, “Who are you, and how did you get through my security systems? I’m the evil genius Dr. Hare!”

Poppy: “You’re Dr. Hare?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Dr. Hare: “Yes, and why are you laughing at an evil genius like me?!?”

Poppy: “If you’re some kind of “evil genius,” then why are you wearing a bunny suit?!? HAHAHAHAHAHA-”

Dr. Hare: “Because I want to, and since I’m an adult I do whatever the heck I want. So please stop before I stop you myself.”

Poppy kept laughing, which was a very bad decision.

Dr. Hare: “That’s it. Minions, come over here and help me get these rabbit ears on this here little girl.”

Poppy: “I’m not a little girl! I’m 13!”

Dr. Hare: “Whatever. I started high school when I was 13.”

The mind-controlled kids then put a pair of rabbit ears on Poppy. However, they forgot to turn them on, which only Poppy knew.

Dr. Hare: “Now Poppy, go use this password to launch my Rabbot into space. In space I will mind control all of Poptropica. Then I will finally be able to rue the world….and steal every carrot in the universe! Muhahahahaha!”

Dr. Hare then jumped into his Rabbot.

Poppy had no choice but to type in the password. But as the Rabbot launched, she realized that she had full control over the Rabbot. So she made it crash into a few asteroids.

Dr. Hare: “NOOO!!! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!! AHHH!!!!”

The Rabbot broke, and was left floating around in outer space- with Dr. Hare still in it.

After defeating Dr. Hare, Poppy was officially considered a hero. She got another medallion from the mayor, and she was all over the news. Soon everyone in Poptropica knew of her heroism…including her parents, who were no longer so angry at her.

But know she was being forced to continue saving islands. So it was no surprise that just a few days later she was in a castle somewhere in outer space, in battle with the Binary Bard.

She had landed on Astro Knights Island a day earlier, where Arturus had been destroyed by “invaders from beyond the sky.” She learned about an inventor named Mordred who helped the kingdom, but was accused of dark magic and eventually escaped into space. Most people had thought that he had died…except for Princes Elyana (who he ended up kidnapping) and the Order of Mordred.  She put together the clues, and ended up on a mission to space to save Elyana, and also some knights along the way. There was then this whole Chosen One portal thingy and all (the Crystal Gate) and Poppy ended up at the Bard’s fortress.

With the help of Merlin and Elyana, Mordred was defeated, and like Dr. Hare, trapped in space, this time in his castle.

Poppy: “That was my most stressful adventure yet! I almost died…like 5 times. Ugh.”

Little did she know that that was only the beginning of her adventures as the Unlikely Hero of Poptropica…


Tall Cactus

Note: You might be wondering why most of the chapter was 24 Carrot and only a little bit was Astro-Knights, and upset that Binary Bard got no lines in this chapter. That’s because most of the actual plot line in Astro-Knights Island was about Mordred’s backstory and stuff, but I already explained the Totem Curse version in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6. Also, TBH, I couldn’t really come up with a twist for it, but I did for 24 Carrot, so that’s that. Plus, this chapter was getting kind of long anyway.


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