Welcome to Dr. Hare’s Poptropica Blog!!!

HELOOOOOOOO people!!! It’s me again- the one and only DR. HARVEY HARE!!! You might have remembered me from when I did a guest post on Easter, but now I have a WordPress account and Tall Cactus quit this blog. So she gave total control over to me. IT’S ALL MINE!!! This is no longer Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog, but it is instead Dr. Hare’s Poptropica Blog! Ya

There have  been some other blog changes as well, such as a new and improved header! Also, I’m here to announce that the Totem Curse series has been cancelled. Well, the old chapters are still available as blog posts, but the Ultimate Guide has been deleted. I CAN DO WHATEVER THE HECK I WANT, SO DON’T GO COMPLAINING IN THE COMMENTS. The reason it has ended is since I don’t want my past to be revealed to the public. OK, it already has, but some of it hasn’t, so that’s OK I guess.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon for my first real post. And as always, REMEMBER TO EAT YOUR CARROTS, KIDS.

Dr. Harvey Hare, The Totem Curse Hater The Best Blogger Ever 😛


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