HAHAHAHA!!!!! You really thought I was quitting MY blog? You really thought that was Dr. Hare? Dr. Hare was me the whole time! I simply made a second WordPress account and email, and ta da! The only reason the Easter post was a “guest post” was because I forgot to make the account, and I barely had anytime to do it since I went to my grandparent’s house for most of the day. Also, Ultimate iPad Expert made that header from yesterday.


Anyway, I’ll see you guys later today for the next chapter of the Totem Curse!

Tall Cactus


10 thoughts on “APRIL FOOLS!!!

  1. The thing is, the separate account thing is true. I know people can make separate accounts on lots of stuff. I could even do that with my alter ego, Itch, but I choose not to since I don’t want my other email to be full of spam like it is with my usual one.


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