Discussion: Should Poptropica Be Re-Rated?

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Ever since Poptropica was born in 2007, many things have changed. But, not everything. One of these things that has never changed is Poptropica’s age range. What I mean by that is the age you must choose from when making a Poptropican. It has always been 6 to 15. However, it’s 2016 now, and things have changed, mainly the transition from education to story explained in yesterday’s post. With islands having deeper plots and long-time players growing up, should Poptropica be re-rated?
Yes, it should. First of all, many people who want to play don’t even have their age listed. They have to lie about their age just to play the game. Well, at least for the online Poptropica. On the mobile app, the age-range at first is only 6 to 13, but there is an option to type in your own age, which is great for all of you older players out there. I’m only 12 1/2, so yeah.
But, that isn’t the biggest problem with Poptropica’s outdated rating. Back when the only islands were Early Poptropica and Shark Tooth, this made sense. But the islands nowadays have deeper plots that could leave some of the younger kids confused or even scared. Think about this: can you imagine a 6-year old playing islands like Survival? Survival Island’s villain is a MURDER!!! Kinda messed up if you think about it.
In conclusion, I think Poptropica’s age rating should be changed to everyone 8 and up. This way, younger kids won’t get scared and confused with the newer islands and having no limit to how old could introduce more players to the game, growing the community.
What do you think? Do you agree? Or do you think that the age rating should stay the same? Leave your comments below.
See you tomorrow…*checks Creators’ Blog…* WAIT DON’T GO YET!

The Creators just had to release a post on their blog during HIATUS WEEK. Since I’m not doing any news posts this week, go ahead and read it for yourself: http://blog.poptropica.com/2016/04/is-it-shoes.html

So now it looks like our barefoot Poptropicans are getting SHOES. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, I guess…

Tall Cactus


9 thoughts on “Discussion: Should Poptropica Be Re-Rated?

  1. Good point. Some islands could even be considered scary for 6 year olds, like Monster Carnival. And yes, Myron Van Buren is a murderer- not completely sure if 6 year olds should be seeing that. 😛


  2. Monster Carnival scared a grown fourteen-year-old (yours truly) so I can’t imagine a six-year-old playing that xD Also am I the only one who’s scared about the shoes AHAHA


  3. Moster Carnival kind of scared me too (a 12 year old). But I wonder how many people Myron Van Buren had murdered before you.


  4. A set of equations showing Poptropica should be re-rated.
    Myron Van Buren = Murderer
    Murderer = Murder
    Murder = something 6 year olds shouldn’t see
    Something 6 year old shouldn’t see = make stuff G-rated
    Poptropica = not making stuff G-rated.
    Poptropica makes Monster Carnival
    Monster Carnival = scary to people.
    Scary to people = scary to 6 year olds.
    Scary to 6 year olds = not good
    No G-rated things = not good.
    Not good = changes should be made in Poptropica.
    Changes = re-rating


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