The New Poptropica: Dreams and Realities (Pt. 2)

The latest Minecraft update was called 1.9. The next update will be called 1.10, as there will not be a Minecraft 2.0 anytime soon. This happened with many other games too. But not Poptropica…

Poptropicans, welcome to Part 2 of my New Poptropica/Pop 2.0 discussion series. Today will be a lot less negative (hopefully) than last time, as I will be explaining what I really hope will be in this huge update,

But before we start, I have a tiny little update about the New Pop which may reveal a lot more than first thought. You know how in Part 1 I discussed a PHB post about how Pop 2.0 is being made on Unity, which is mainly used for making 3D games and is not compatible with Chrome? Well, it’s still not looking good with the whole Chrome issue, yet there is some great news. You see, the Creators finally commented which I was hoping for. Take a sec to read the comment here, cause what I am going to say will make no sense if you don’t read it.

Done yet? Yes? OK, let’s continue then…

First of all, I really hope the Creators somehow get to read this post. You see, they said they can only really see posts on Twitter, but my Twitter account was deleted. You never know though, as the Internet is a crazy place. And if you are reading this, Creators, I just want to say thank you for actually listening to us, random players in this huge world. It means a lot. It really does.

But man, I’m just so relived that the New Pop is going to stay 2D. I seriously hate 3D games…OK fine, I like some of them! Like Minecraft, obviously. Anyways, Poptropica has always been 2D, and it’s the thing that makes Poptropica so special.

So that’s the latest New Pop news. I think I’m only going to share any new news on Tuesdays in this series, but if it’s major, and I mean like release-date-confirmed news, then I’ll tell you ASAP, no matter what day of the week, and since it’s almost summer and school’s ending next week, no matter what time of day.

Now it’s time for just some of the totally crazy and random things that I want to be in Pop 2.0!

  • Skydock Island (the cancelled Home Island update that I was really hyped for *cries*)
  • A backstory for the map and your Poptropican, similar to Monkey Wrench Island
  • A way to read the MotM graphic novel series online (like in 2015)
  • Poptropica TV’s Return! (You now, that thing in September that seems to have been forgotten)
  • More games and comics on Daily Pop, updated Celebrity Clips
  • More contests and giveaways
  • App with all the islands on it
  • Less glitches
  • An island that stars bloggers from the Pop community
  • Balloon Boy Returns Island
  • Daphne Dreadnaught and all those other forgotten villains in their own Pop island

Oh, and of course we can’t forget this important idea…


Yeah, super important.

Well, seems like we have reached the end of a post once again. I would have liked to add even more ideas in this post, but remember, this is a several-month long series ending with me actually playing the New Pop and making the ultimate decision of whether to stay or leave. So I can’t just have my growing list of a few hundred ideas in one post, that’s stupid! As for next week’s New Pop post, I’ll be discussing some certain comments by Striped Lizard…

-Tall Cactus


Early Poptropica Review

Welcome to the first ever island review on my blog! Oh wait, there was that one from February. That certainly wasn’t my best post ever, to be honest.

For this weekly review series, I will be going in the order that each island released in, similar to the Ultimate Poptropica Island Showdown. That means I’ll be starting with Early Poptropica (in this post) and ending with whatever the newest island is. I will be reviewing each island in 4 categories, which are storydesignsoundtrack (if SUI), and difficulty and length. After that I will rate the island overall out of 10 stars, and then share some of my final thoughts. Now let’s start this review!


Being the first Poptropica island, its story is very simple and straight-forward. The pilgrims who live in the old part of town lost some of their stuff, and you have to find it for them. You have to go underground, meet a giant, and even ride a jetpack to retrieve the pig, flag, and bucket, and once you give them back to the pilgrims, you get the medallion. That’s it. No twists or anything like that. It’s a little disappointing for story-lovers like me, but whatever.


The design on this island is very different from any of the other islands. It’s appearance is less detailed than newer islands, more colorful and happy looking, which totally explains what Pop used to be like. If you aren’t sure what I mean by that, then look at these screenshots:

Early Pop Main Street

Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 10.07.52 AM.png

Escape From Pelican Rock Main Street

Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 10.11.15 AM.png

See the differences?

Also, the pilgrims and the items they lost are pixilized, like a video game from the 80s, which is pretty cool.


This island is still non-SUI, so there’s no soundtrack yet, of course.

Difficulty and Length

This island is easy. And when I mean easy, I mean easy. This island only takes about 5 minutes to complete when you know what you’re doing, 10 if your computer is really laggy. So this island is perfect for beginners. In fact, many Poptropicans in the community played Early Poptropica first. Well, not me, as I joined in March 2015, and saw the SUIs first. #WhenYouCompletedMythologyIslandFirst


I give Early Poptropica…

4.5 out of 10 stars.

Final Thoughts

Early Poptropica is not the best island, that’s for sure. But you need to realize that it was the first ever Poptropica island ever. So, you can’t blame it for being so short and simple. Instead, we should celebrate how much this game has grown over the years by having both new and old players enjoy this classic.

-Tall Cactus

Oh, and to all you fellow Americans, happy Memorial Day! Even though it’s the unofficial start of summer and there’s no school today, you need to remember the real reason that Memorial Day exists. Make sure to say “thank you” to any veterans in your life sometime today. It will mean a lot to them.

No Review Today

Sorry guys, but the Early Pop review that was supposed to be out today is being pushed back to tomorrow. I was just so busy today so I had no time to work on the post. Anyways, I know I’ve been cancelling/pushing back a lot of things lately. Don’t worry, as that should end in July hopefully.

-Tall Cactus

Totem Curse is…cancelled.


This isn’t a prank guys. It’s true. Totem Curse is no longer continuing.


I know…I said many times that Totem Curse wouldn’t end up being cancelled like Giant Hawk Adventures. I just want to say sorry to all of you, I really let you down. The thing is, I’m not ending the series early because of being busy with other things or something like that. It’s just that I have no fun writing it anymore, I tried to push it back as much as I could. That’s why I had the hiatus. And then made Totem Curse once a week. Trust me, it wasn’t always like this. When I first started the series, I loved writing it, I had fun. I don’t know why I lost interest at such a bad time in the story. It’s not like I ended it at the 3rd chapter or something. There were 18 chapters released, more than halfway through the series. I actually wanted to end it a while ago, but I choose to continue so you could read it, enjoy my hard work, my suffering, for a little bit longer. But don’t worry, I’m not going to just end a series without telling you the ending. I actually love the story, but I just hate actually writing it. So sit back, relax, and read this short summary of what was going to be the rest of Totem Curse:

The four talk to Lavenda, who had finally gotten arrested for her crimes. She tells them her backstory of her living in Poptropolis as an oracle before it sank, but somehow getting lost in time and ending up in the future, AKA present day. They also realize that Captain Crawfish is still kinda evil even with his totem removed, so the totem had to be fake. Then they escape Erewhon, and head back to Astro-Knights Island so Mordred can redeem himself. There they find Poppy, who needs to go back there to use the rocket ship to fly to a faraway planet where E. Vile is planning an attack on Planet Poptropica. Mordred, Harvey, and Charlotte come along and they defeat E. Vile and his robot army before it’s too late. E. Vile also turned out to be Victor E. Vile, the guy who created the robots for the fake N.I.S.S. 

A few days later, Harvey and Charlotte find Violet’s Diary. Written by the 12-year old Violet Amanda Jones, it explains that she lived sometime far in the future on a planet called Earth. Everyone was moving to Mars, due to all of the pollution and stuff on Earth, and she, her twin brother Robert Mordred Jones, and parents were among the last to remain. Violet was super jealous of her brother, as he was way smarter than her and their parents liked him better. Violet also had no friends, so she was depressed and lonely. Meanwhile, her dad was trying to make a time machine so they could redo Earth’s timeline so humans never destroyed it. You see, all the other time machines made the user like a ghost in the time that they traveled too, so they don’t mess anything up in the past. But Violet’s dad wanted to be able to change the past. After successfully making the time machine, the family ends up deciding to move to Mars in a week, so Mr. Jones hides the machine and warns the twins to not touch it. Violet then has a plan to get revenge on her brother. She steals his beloved astrolabe, uses some technology, and ends up making it be able to possess the mind of someone, making them evil. She also does this with a paintbrush, some random mutated carrot, and a model ship, but she accidentally messes up on the ship. Then she goes into the time machine to try to make a younger Robert evil, and three of his friends, so she can be the better twin. But when she is about the enter it, Robert follows her in. Thus they end up messing up history, causing Poptropica to be born. Violet becomes an oracle on Poptropolis, changes her name, and uses a little stop watch to freeze time and stuff. 

Then Mordred walks into the room where the diary was found. He confesses that he is Violet’s sister, but he doesn’t know what happened to her. Then Lavenda comes out of nowhere, and reveals that she was Violet this whole time, and a portal opens up to the true timeline of Earth.

They end up in the little town of Plainville, Massachusetts, in the summer of 2007. There they meet Jeff Kinney who is mowing his lawn. They tell Jeff about Poptropica, but then Lavenda appears and an epic battle occurs. Lavenda has the totems and tries to use them to destroy both Earth and Poptropica, but since Crawfish’s totem isn’t real, she fails. 

In the end, the four ex-villains and Jeff Kinney team up to make an online educational kids’ game based on Poptropica. They made it for kids because adults wouldn’t believe that Pop is actually a real place, another timeline, another dimension. And they are called the Creators. THE END

Don’t feel sad just yet though, because I am currently planning a brand new fan fiction that’s longer and better! I’m not going to go into the details now, however. I will officially announce it (and its name) sometime this summer, probably late July-early August, and the first episode should be out sometime in mid-late August. It’s gonna be great…

-Tall Cactus

Top 10 Poptropica Minor Characters

It seems like only the villains and a few other characters get all the attention in Poptropica. Especially since your Poptropican and the villains are the only real major characters in Pop. But there are some pretty great minor characters too. Here are my top 10 favorites!

10: That Roller Skating Kid in EFPR

Just look at that awesome design!


9: The Randomized Poptropicans on Early Pop

They get the award for worst designs! All those clashing, noob outfits XD

8: The Hall of Fame 2015 Winners

The winners can be found on Game Show, Reality TV, Night Watch, and Super Power. They totally stand out of the crowd, especially with all those Randomized Poptropicans on Super Power Island.

7: The Royal Family and Knights


The only reason they are on there is because I wanted to bring this old picture back.

6: Bucky Lucas

The first ever person to be voted off on Reality TV. Also a famous actor, making apperences all over Poptropica. Likes pizza too.

5: Gamer Guy

Just read this and you’ll see:

He’s sooooo amazing!!!

4: Shark Guy/Boy

I hope you find a better job soon, as you seem to be miserable working at the Shark Museum. Also, sorry that Dr. Hare replaced you on the Daily Pop Sneak Peaks.

3: The Chef in S.O.S.

Screenshot 2016-05-27 at 7.58.45 PM

This is just too perfect. #ChefsicleFTW

2: Balloon Boy

One of the best running gags ever. Almost as good as “My Leg!” in the cartoon that I was obsessed with for 7 years straight (life wasted) SpongeBob Squarepants. Kinda rude that our Poptropicans never even bother to save the poor kid.

1: Zack

TC x Zack forever ❤

Screenshot 2016-05-27 at 6.40.53 PM.png

PLEASE DON’T MAKE FUN OF MY POP CRUSH!!! Seriously…admit it, we all have one.

-Tall Cactus

(And on the next two Top 10 Lists, you may see one or two characters above return. Also, all future Top 10s will be a lot better than this one, with actual evidence of my choices. I kinda just quickly threw this one together, and it’s meant to be taken as a joke.)

Theory Thursdays: The Creators and SUIs

Hey Poptropicans! It’s me, TC, and welcome back to Theory Thursdays!


Ahh, SUIs. The concept of updating islands with a full soundtrack and bigger screen started in 2013…bringing a lot of glitches and angry fans. And I mean a lot. So, if so many players hate SUIs, then why does it seem like the Creators love ’em and are forgetting about the classic islands?

But the Creators can’t just forget about the classic islands…or can they? Here’s the proof:

  • Feats of Speed- all of the races were on SUIs (PoptropiCon, Arabian Nights, Mocktropica, Galactic Ripoff Dogs) and the sneakers only work on SUIs and don’t show up on classic islands
  • The Poptropica App- there are only SUI islands on the app
  • The Old Pop Map had all the SUIs in color and on the first pages, with the classic islands on the back pages. However, last week the map was updated so that all the island logos are in color and sorted by popularity, not release date or being an SUI
  • That backpack guy on Home Island recommends that 24 Carrot Island is a great island for new players, yet Early Pop is easier
  • etc, etc…

Get the point? The Creators seem to obsess over SUIs even though the classics are much better. But…why?

Maybe they love making soundtracks? Maybe SUIs are easier to put on the app? Or maybe, just maybe, they want to transfer all of Pop over to sound updated islands, because classic islands are getting old and they want Pop to be more modern and cool? Who knows?! Wait a second. They haven’t updated any old islands into SUIs for a while now, they are only releasing new islands as SUIs it seems.

Well, you could say that the creators are too busy with the New Pop, but then again, they haven’t updated any old islands since November 2014 and the New Pop only really started being made a couple of months ago. So, I don’t really know why they are no longer updating, but who cares? I bet most of you can agree with me that SUIs stink.

Then again, maybe SUIs aren’t that bad and the community is just overreacting a bit because of the glitches. I have to admit that the SUIs aren’t nearly as laggy and glitchy as they used to be. So deal with the change, as I’m sure the New Pop will be entirely SUI.

Until next time tomorrow,

-Tall Cactus

Some Random Things I’ve Noticed on the Creators’ Blog

So, today I decided to explore the Creators’ Blog a bit, and I’ve noticed some strange things about it…

Captain Crawfish and Skinny Moon

They seem to be the only two Creators blog actually blog now. While their blogging styles are somewhat similar, since they are Creators and Creators are always so official and professional, there are some differences. Captain Crawfish is actually funny, or at least tries to be, and Skinny Moon just tries to make every update seem so cool when they aren’t by using a lot of exclamation points and stuff. I noticed that Captain Crawfish uses random Poptropicans, mainly girls, for the pictures and Skinny Moon just uses her Poptropican. Crawfish has also been a Creator for a LONG TIME, since like 2011 or something, but SM has only recently joined and yet is trying to make herself look cool by taking over all the Pop social media sites. She could have at least given herself an actual alias like all the other Creators, as Gretchen Grimlock would have been pretty awesome. But I guess she wants to be like all the fan bloggers who use their Poptropican’s name as their pen name, which includes me. Whatever…

Black Widow was REPLACED?!? Or was she…

Looks like it’s time for another one of my crazy conspiracy theories. So, Black Widow’s latest post was on April 7th. And even though Skinny Moon actually started blogging on March 17th, I feel like she eventually replaced BW. Or BW retired. Or Skinny Moon IS BW. Or BW is just busy with the New Pop. We will never know…

Tribute to Ze Past Creators

  • Dr. Hare
  • Binary Bard
  • Vlad the Viking
  • Comic Kid (Ned Noodlehead)
  • and all the ones that I don’t feel like looking up

They Used to Actually Tell Us Stuff

On some of the very old posts they actually had polls, contests, and SNEAK PEAKS. Well, that was before Daily Pop released. But that’s no excuse for today’s sneak peaks to be like THIS:

Screenshot 2016-05-24 at 6.18.46 PM

The Filler Posts

What’s the point?

Yesterday’s Post


And then there’s this post:

Now, that’s just rude. You think that girls only care about getting cool outfits? So not true. BTW, I am a girl. Ugh…

The Ads…Are For POPTROPICA?!?

I don’t even know what to say.

Screenshot 2016-05-25 at 8.33.35 PM

Some Suggestions

  • Get different Creators to post. That blog really needs some variety.
  • If you need more money, then get some real ads on the blog, not ones for the game you’re blogging about.
  • Stop with the filler posts.
  • Have polls and contests again.
  • Maybe do some posts about the community? Actually make a post unrealted to news?

Well, that’s all for today. See you tomorrow for Theory Thursdays!!!

-Tall Cactus

The New Poptropica: Dreams and Realities (Pt. 1)

NOTE: This post is not meant to criticize the game or offend the Creators. It is just some of my thoughts on the matter. Please respect my opinions, and I will respect your’s.

It all started one day, just about a month ago…

I had just gotten home from school that Monday afternoon. I went on my phone right away to check the Creators’ Blog, only to see this:

Screenshot 2016-05-24 at 3.36.21 PM.png

That April day, everything changed, forever, for the better or the worse…

Well, hey Poptropicans! As you can see, today is Part 1 of my weekly New Poptropica series. Every Tuesday before the official release, see me share my thoughts, predictions, worries, and rants about this huge update, which may not be as good as it seems…with realities possibly ruining all our perfect dreams.

So, yeah, let’s start this. The only other time that I shared my thoughts on the New Pop / Pop 2.0 was back on April 25th, right after I saw the Creators’ Blog and PHB posts that afternoon. I was a little late to see the news since I was at school all day, but whatever. You can read the post here, even though my thoughts on the New Pop have totally changed over the past month. But it’s still kinda funny to see, so go check it out if you want.

Another rambling, let’s start this post for real now!

OK, so a couple of days ago HPuterpop posted about a New Pop update on the PHB. Read it here. Done reading it? Yes? Good. Because, well…*takes deep breath*

You see, I was already worried that the New Pop would be bad, but the whole fact that the New Pop is being built on Unity, which makes 3D games and doesn’t work on Chrome, just ruined that part of me that was excited for this update. If there’s something you should know about me, it’s that 1. I HATE 3D games and 2. I use Chrome. So it’s no surprise that I’m upset about this. Look, this is real bad, for me, the community, and the game itself. Most people use Chrome, so less people will be able to actually play the game. And many people who have been playing this game for a long time will be sad to see their childhood of islands like Early Poptropica and Shark Tooth Island replaced with Poptropicans that look like every other online avatar. Even though I’ve only been playing since March 2015, it was far enough back that Home Island didn’t even exist, there were no tutorials at all. And yet that was fun, more fun than Pop is today. Another point to make is that though the Current, soon to be Old Poptropica will not be deleted or anything, new players aren’t going to play it. They will only know the New Poptropica. That’s very upsetting.

Hopefully those Creators will just comment on that post so that there will be at least a little new information…

But before then, let me just share some of my ideas for Pop 2.0, as production on it is still in the early stages.

  • A better Home/Hub Island, hopefully like Skydock, which seems to have been cancelled…
  • Those pet thingies from Mocktropica…
  • Real villain backstories…
  • An explanation on the map…
  • The REAL origin of Poptropica, not like MotM…
  • and more to come!

That’s all for now. I’ll see you next Tuesday, as I will be discussing StoryArc Media, sharing some more ideas, and researching a game called….Adventure Pig?!

Stay ranting,

Tall Cactus

UPIS: The Winning Island

After countless polls, the time has finally come to announce the winners of the…


We’ve been waiting months for this, so before I do this super long paragraph about the Showdown ending, let me just say which islands won first.

In 3rd place, with 4 votes, we have Survival!

In 2nd place, with 5 votes, we have Ghost Story!

Last but certainly not least, in 1st place, with 6 votes, the winner of UPIS, the island that made it through every round, the island that could possibly be the best in the entire game, we have…

Crowds cheer…

Drum roll please…


 The crowd stands silent…

Why did I even do the UPIS if I knew Mythology Island would just win like it always does?!? I’m not saying it’s a bad island, I actually do really like it, it’s just very overrated. Oh whatever…

Oh, and to all of you people who think this poll was rigged and that I’m lying about the winners, here’s the proof:

Screenshot 2016-05-22 at 9.07.55 AM

Well, that marks the end of UPIS! I hope you all enjoyed this 4-month long series, cause I sure did. But don’t feel sad that’s it’s over yet. The thing is, there are always new islands coming out, ones that could possibly be better than all the others, and with the New Poptropica coming out later this year, I may end up having an updated Island Showdown one day. You never know…

-Tall Cactus


Well, sorry I haven’t been posting these past few days. I was…busy, with stuff. I know you guys were expecting Totem Curse, but I’ve been thinking about the future of this here blog. Today it’s time to reveal…

Ze New Awesome Post Schedule!!!

  • SUNDAY: Island Reviews
  • the worst day of the week…
  • TUESDAY:  The New Poptropica (Hopes and Predictions)
  • WEDNESDAYS: Posts of Randomness
  • THURSDAY: Theories (Only Every Other Thursday Though)
  • FRIDAY: Top 10 Lists
  • SATURDAY: Fan-fictions

Confused? Let’s go into more detail below.

As you all know, on SUNDAYS, I do the Ultimate Poptropica Island Showdown (UPIS). But this Sunday, AKA tomorrow (as of May 21st, 2016) the winning island will be announced, which means that I will have to come up with a new series to take it’s place. Well, this new series is going to be Island Reviews, where I will be reviewing each and every Poptropica island available so far, all the way from the nostalgic 2007 classic, Early Poptropica, to the recently released tutorial for new players, Monkey Wrench Island. This series will last for a really long time, way longer than the 4-month long UPIS. The first review will be posted on May 29th, 2016!

MONDAYS totally stink. I think we can all agree on that. I know what I want to post on every other day of the week except Mon-blah, so no special posts. There could be some news, I guess? I don’t even know…

On TUESDAYS, I will be explaining my wants, needs, predictions, and theories on what the New Poptropica/Pop 2.0 will bring before it releases sometime later this year. So this may not be the longest series…oh well…

WEDNESDAYS will now consist of random posts about Poptropica. Expect the unexpected.

THURSDAYS will basically stay the same as they have been, with a theory every other week. #TheoryThursdaysFTW!!!

On FRIDAYS, I will be doing Top 10 Lists about the game. Sorry Rebecca Black, but your song “Friday” is on my Top 10 List for Most Annoying Songs.

And finally, on SATURDAYS, not including today, of course, I will be posting fan fictions. Yes, this means that Totem Curse will now be once a week and Chapter 19 is now coming out on the 28th, not today. Don’t feel sad, though! This means that the series will last longer than it would have before, giving me more time to work on my next series, hehe…

So that’s the new schedule, folks! Hope you enjoy-

Wait. There’s one more thing that I want to announce. Starting this June, on the first day of every month, I will be having a Costume Contest. After the month’s theme is announced in a post, you will have that entire month to post a link of your Poptropican’s look (from the Avatar Studio or somethin’) in a comment. On the last day of the month, the winners are announced in a post. At the end of the year, the person who wins the most times will get to have an interview with me  posted on the blog on New Year’s Day. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Phew, well that was one long post. I’ll see you tomorrow for the finale of UPIS!

-Tall Cactus