An Update About Theory Thursdays…


Well, it’s Thursday, but what I have today is not a theory, but the official truth. After thinking about it for a while, I have decided that Theory Thursdays will now be every other week, instead of every Thursday. Also, the Unsolved Mysteries of Poptropica will be once a month, probably the last week. So that means there will be one regular theory and one UMOP each month. Why, you ask? Well, I gotta admit something. I am running out of theories. Period. There’s just like no new content to discuss, no sneak peaks, no anything. Not even much on the old islands. That’s why UMOP exists, so I can have some ideas, something to talk about. There, I said it.

And yes, I know. I left 3 blogs, put Totem Curse on hiatus, and I’m not posting on my non-Poptropica blog, Beyond Poptropica, till summer vacation starts on June 11th. You might be worried that I’m starting to become inactive, but let me tell you, I’m not. I just was stressed out from working on so many blogs, I need to edit the story a bit and take a well deserved break from Totem Curse (which will return on May 14th, BTW) and I just don’t have the time to post about non-Poptropica stuff when I’m so busy with other things, like school and Poptropica itself.

So, I just want to apologize about all this postponing. I really do want to post these things, but it’s just not working out right now. Since there’s no other news but Feats of Speed, I’m barely posting anymore. I would be posting more if it wasn’t for school. Fortunately, I will be doing lots of fun stuff this summer, when I will have all the time in the world, so get excited!

And before I go, I need your help. So, the Ultimate Poptropica Island Showdown ends on May 22nd, and Totem Curse will end on June 29th I believe, so I will need a new weekly series for when the others end. If you have any ideas, leave a comment below and it may become a reality in the future!

Oh, and happy Cinco de Mayo, Poptropicans!

-Tall Cactus


7 thoughts on “An Update About Theory Thursdays…

  1. UPIS finale May 22nd, Totem Curse finale June 29th… Hmmm. The best thing to do is wait up for New Poptropica to come out, then maybe we can base a series around that?

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    • The only thing is, the New Poptropica probably won’t come out until the fall, so I really will need a series for the summer. However, a New Pop series would be really cool and I will most likely end up doing one when it comes out.


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