The Island Replay Challenge: POSTPONED

“You’re postponing another thing?!? THIS IS TERRIBLE WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!”

Yeah, sorry about this guys. You might remember this challenge I announced a couple weeks ago, where I was going to try to beat every non-sponsored Pop island in order of release before summer vacation starts on June 11th. I should have been pretty far in by now, but I’m only on SPY Island. Not even joking. Thanks a lot, school.

So, there is no way I am going to finish in just a month. Yet because of the New Poptropica, I will not be cancelling the challenge. I will instead be starting from where I left off on June 11th, and will be trying to finish the rest of the islands before the end of summer vacation, which is in early September. This will actually allow me to have time to play the islands and not worry about homework and other school tortures.

Oh, and Totem Curse’s return is almost upon us, in just 4 days! Yassssss…oh, and there’s the last week of Feats of Speed and a theory on Thursday. See you then, as I won’t be posting tomorrow.

-Tall Cactus


One thought on “The Island Replay Challenge: POSTPONED

  1. ok then. Hey, at least we’re at the same place!
    But, i started before you…

    I’m not sure who what made feel terrible, me or you.
    No wait, it was me.
    I’m so good at this.
    it’s ok though, i forgive you, school’s brutal.
    However, the world seems to be AGAINST me. GH, Colbalt, Meme Mondays…
    I’m just gonna go hide in a corner until Totem’s curse comes out.
    with chocolate, of course.


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