The Totem Curse- Chapter 18: Caught!

The day has finally come, the day that the Totem Curse Hiatus ends for good. After a long wait, Chapter 18 is finally out! Let’s get this thing started…but before you start reading, I would recommend rereading Chapter 17 first, cause if you’re like me you may have forgotten where we have left off after so long. Done? Well sit back, relax, and enjoy Chapter 18 of the Totem Curse!



Continued From Chapter 17

Harvey: “Dr. Bill Nye?!?”

Dr. Bill Nye: “Yeah, I actually did escape jail last week…Summer Sunshine is still locked up, though, the prison she’s in has way more security. You know, Pelican Rock. She’s gone crazy in there…calls herself “Big Tuna” now, it seems. She hates both the Booted Bandit and Poppy for like, no reason at all.”

Charlotte: “Isn’t that the same prison where Poppy got framed yesterday, and helped all her fellow inmates except the Booted Bandit, Florian, and Summer, I mean “Big Tuna”, escape with her?”

Dr. Bill Nye: “Yup…made it all over the news.”

Just then they all realize that the police are surrounding them.

Dr. Bill Nye: “Darn it. We should b going now…”

Police Officer: “Too late now.”

The police begin to hand cuff all five of them, even though Bill Nye was the only real bad guy…or was he…

The ex-villains and Bill Nye are then hauled away in some police cars, then put on a helicopter.

Mordred: “Where are we going?”

Police Officer: “Back to Erewhon.”

Mordred: “Wasn’t it destroyed?”

Police Officer: “Kind of, but this is the nearest prison and the cells are only a tad bit ruined, so suck it up.”

Harvey: “But we aren’t even bad! Our totems were removed!”

Dr. Bill Nye: “I never had one, so I’m still kinda a jerk.”

Crawfish: “Eh, that stuff just nonsense, ye?”

Police Officer: “You have the right to remain silent.”

Silence fills the helicopter, for a few minutes at least…

Mordred: “ACHOOO!!!”

Everyone stares at him.

Mordred: “What? Who says that a cyborg can’t have allergies?”

A few minutes later…

Police Officer: “We are here. Now follow me or else.”

Charlotte, Mordred, Harvey, and Bill did as told, but not Captain James Crawfish.

Crawfish: “Let go of me matey! Arrrr!!!!”

Police Officer: “Stop it! Stop it right now or-”

Crawfish pulled of the hand cuffs and jumped of the island that Erewhon was on, and swam away. The only thing was that Crawfish couldn’t really swim. Uh oh…

Harvey: “Let me go! I need to save Crawfish now!”

Police Officer: “No! You will stay here or else!”

Harvey: “He could drown, and if he doesn’t, he could just go and do more evil things again! Do you want that to happen?!?”

Police Officer: “Captain Crawfish isn’t a threat without his crew or a ship, so I really don’t care. Now be quiet, and follow me!”

Charlotte, Harvey, Bill, Mordred, and the police officer entered Erewhon, which looked nothing like it did before. The place was a wreck, the whole security system was broken, and there was lots of wet paint with all the construction going on. They once again found themselves on the elevator, passing all the other cells, but all the other villains were gone, since only two cells were still somewhat decent enough to be used. Mordred got locked up Harvey and Bill, and Charlotte got her own cell.

Harvey: “OK, we need an escape plan now. How did you escape, Bill?”

Dr. Bill Nye: “I actually was at the Early Poptropica Prison, but it kinda fell apart 10 years later cause it wasn’t built correctly, so I was moved to the Super Power County Prison, and let me tell you, that was easy to escape. So, I know nothing about escaping this prison…”

Mordred: “Wait…the lab, where the dream machine is, was destroyed the most. Like, there’s a huge hole in the wall and ceiling. We have to find a way there, and then we can just jump out, fall into the ocean again, and swim back to New Pop. Simple!”

Harvey: “But…we are kind locked in this cell, and the elevator to the lab only works if you have a key. So, we’re trapped.”

Mordred: “You know, there’s a vent system that leads right there right behind you.”

Harvey: “Oh. Then we shall escape at midnight tonight! The alarm system is still broken so…heheh.”

Just when they were going to tell Charlotte the plan, another guard came, and locked someone very familiar into Charlotte’s cell, and then walked away.

Lavenda: “Oh, hello. I see you were arrested too.”


-Tall Cactus


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  2. Jingle bells Ratman smells Ringmaster Raven laid an egg Your golden blimp has no wheels and it’s the middle of May!

    Btw I like how you did the vent thing xD


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