After almost 4 months of polls, it is here. The Final Round of the UPIS.


So, this is both a good and a bad thing. This is good since soon we will find out the winning island, but it is bad cause, well, I kinda need a new segment to replace this, maybe. I’ll figure something out, don’t worry. Actually…I still have Totem Curse. Which is a twice-a-week series. That means I’m fine…oh darn it, that ends on June 29th. Uh…LET’S JUST START THE POST ALREADY!

Anyways, last week’s round’s winners were Mythology, Ghost Story, and Survival. Lots of death involved in these islands, I observe. These islands are technically the Best 3 in Poptropica, I mean, according to this poll, which could be slightly biased, since you don’t have to vote. Learned ’bout that in math class, BTW. But what I’m saying is that we won’t find out which island is the 3rd, 2nd, 1st best until next Sunday. And because of this, there will only be one poll this week…the final one in UPIS history. So vote, vote, vote! Only once, of course. Heh…

The winner will be announced next Sunday, May 22nd. See you then!

-Tall Cactus



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