Some Random Things I’ve Noticed on the Creators’ Blog

So, today I decided to explore the Creators’ Blog a bit, and I’ve noticed some strange things about it…

Captain Crawfish and Skinny Moon

They seem to be the only two Creators blog actually blog now. While their blogging styles are somewhat similar, since they are Creators and Creators are always so official and professional, there are some differences. Captain Crawfish is actually funny, or at least tries to be, and Skinny Moon just tries to make every update seem so cool when they aren’t by using a lot of exclamation points and stuff. I noticed that Captain Crawfish uses random Poptropicans, mainly girls, for the pictures and Skinny Moon just uses her Poptropican. Crawfish has also been a Creator for a LONG TIME, since like 2011 or something, but SM has only recently joined and yet is trying to make herself look cool by taking over all the Pop social media sites. She could have at least given herself an actual alias like all the other Creators, as Gretchen Grimlock would have been pretty awesome. But I guess she wants to be like all the fan bloggers who use their Poptropican’s name as their pen name, which includes me. Whatever…

Black Widow was REPLACED?!? Or was she…

Looks like it’s time for another one of my crazy conspiracy theories. So, Black Widow’s latest post was on April 7th. And even though Skinny Moon actually started blogging on March 17th, I feel like she eventually replaced BW. Or BW retired. Or Skinny Moon IS BW. Or BW is just busy with the New Pop. We will never know…

Tribute to Ze Past Creators

  • Dr. Hare
  • Binary Bard
  • Vlad the Viking
  • Comic Kid (Ned Noodlehead)
  • and all the ones that I don’t feel like looking up

They Used to Actually Tell Us Stuff

On some of the very old posts they actually had polls, contests, and SNEAK PEAKS. Well, that was before Daily Pop released. But that’s no excuse for today’s sneak peaks to be like THIS:

Screenshot 2016-05-24 at 6.18.46 PM

The Filler Posts

What’s the point?

Yesterday’s Post


And then there’s this post:

Now, that’s just rude. You think that girls only care about getting cool outfits? So not true. BTW, I am a girl. Ugh…

The Ads…Are For POPTROPICA?!?

I don’t even know what to say.

Screenshot 2016-05-25 at 8.33.35 PM

Some Suggestions

  • Get different Creators to post. That blog really needs some variety.
  • If you need more money, then get some real ads on the blog, not ones for the game you’re blogging about.
  • Stop with the filler posts.
  • Have polls and contests again.
  • Maybe do some posts about the community? Actually make a post unrealted to news?

Well, that’s all for today. See you tomorrow for Theory Thursdays!!!

-Tall Cactus


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