Theory Thursdays: The Creators and SUIs

Hey Poptropicans! It’s me, TC, and welcome back to Theory Thursdays!


Ahh, SUIs. The concept of updating islands with a full soundtrack and bigger screen started in 2013…bringing a lot of glitches and angry fans. And I mean a lot. So, if so many players hate SUIs, then why does it seem like the Creators love ’em and are forgetting about the classic islands?

But the Creators can’t just forget about the classic islands…or can they? Here’s the proof:

  • Feats of Speed- all of the races were on SUIs (PoptropiCon, Arabian Nights, Mocktropica, Galactic Ripoff Dogs) and the sneakers only work on SUIs and don’t show up on classic islands
  • The Poptropica App- there are only SUI islands on the app
  • The Old Pop Map had all the SUIs in color and on the first pages, with the classic islands on the back pages. However, last week the map was updated so that all the island logos are in color and sorted by popularity, not release date or being an SUI
  • That backpack guy on Home Island recommends that 24 Carrot Island is a great island for new players, yet Early Pop is easier
  • etc, etc…

Get the point? The Creators seem to obsess over SUIs even though the classics are much better. But…why?

Maybe they love making soundtracks? Maybe SUIs are easier to put on the app? Or maybe, just maybe, they want to transfer all of Pop over to sound updated islands, because classic islands are getting old and they want Pop to be more modern and cool? Who knows?! Wait a second. They haven’t updated any old islands into SUIs for a while now, they are only releasing new islands as SUIs it seems.

Well, you could say that the creators are too busy with the New Pop, but then again, they haven’t updated any old islands since November 2014 and the New Pop only really started being made a couple of months ago. So, I don’t really know why they are no longer updating, but who cares? I bet most of you can agree with me that SUIs stink.

Then again, maybe SUIs aren’t that bad and the community is just overreacting a bit because of the glitches. I have to admit that the SUIs aren’t nearly as laggy and glitchy as they used to be. So deal with the change, as I’m sure the New Pop will be entirely SUI.

Until next time tomorrow,

-Tall Cactus


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