Early Poptropica Review

Welcome to the first ever island review on my blog! Oh wait, there was that one from February. That certainly wasn’t my best post ever, to be honest.

For this weekly review series, I will be going in the order that each island released in, similar to the Ultimate Poptropica Island Showdown. That means I’ll be starting with Early Poptropica (in this post) and ending with whatever the newest island is. I will be reviewing each island in 4 categories, which are storydesignsoundtrack (if SUI), and difficulty and length. After that I will rate the island overall out of 10 stars, and then share some of my final thoughts. Now let’s start this review!


Being the first Poptropica island, its story is very simple and straight-forward. The pilgrims who live in the old part of town lost some of their stuff, and you have to find it for them. You have to go underground, meet a giant, and even ride a jetpack to retrieve the pig, flag, and bucket, and once you give them back to the pilgrims, you get the medallion. That’s it. No twists or anything like that. It’s a little disappointing for story-lovers like me, but whatever.


The design on this island is very different from any of the other islands. It’s appearance is less detailed than newer islands, more colorful and happy looking, which totally explains what Pop used to be like. If you aren’t sure what I mean by that, then look at these screenshots:

Early Pop Main Street

Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 10.07.52 AM.png

Escape From Pelican Rock Main Street

Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 10.11.15 AM.png

See the differences?

Also, the pilgrims and the items they lost are pixilized, like a video game from the 80s, which is pretty cool.


This island is still non-SUI, so there’s no soundtrack yet, of course.

Difficulty and Length

This island is easy. And when I mean easy, I mean easy. This island only takes about 5 minutes to complete when you know what you’re doing, 10 if your computer is really laggy. So this island is perfect for beginners. In fact, many Poptropicans in the community played Early Poptropica first. Well, not me, as I joined in March 2015, and saw the SUIs first. #WhenYouCompletedMythologyIslandFirst


I give Early Poptropica…

4.5 out of 10 stars.

Final Thoughts

Early Poptropica is not the best island, that’s for sure. But you need to realize that it was the first ever Poptropica island ever. So, you can’t blame it for being so short and simple. Instead, we should celebrate how much this game has grown over the years by having both new and old players enjoy this classic.

-Tall Cactus

Oh, and to all you fellow Americans, happy Memorial Day! Even though it’s the unofficial start of summer and there’s no school today, you need to remember the real reason that Memorial Day exists. Make sure to say “thank you” to any veterans in your life sometime today. It will mean a lot to them.


2 thoughts on “Early Poptropica Review

  1. I feel like a master I did itt un like 2-4 miniutes but my computers fast and then I did it on a slower computer and it took me like 6 or 7


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