A Stormy Mystery (Pt. 2) and Two Top 5 Lists

(Sorry this is late…)

OK, so yesterday I looked at the Santa Spy book, and there was a picture of their version of Dr. Cumulus Nimbus…and it wasn’t what I expected. In that book he’s just a guy with a lab coat on and his head is a cloud with eyes and a mouth….YES I’M SERIOUS. His face is LITERALLY a CLOUD oh my gosh this is so funny!!!

Wait a second…



Screenshot 2016-06-01 at 5.42.37 PM


Yeah, the Pop one does have a cloud on his head too, but it’s not his entire face. He also has a lab coat. Other than that, they look kinda different, or do they? I feel like the Pop Nimbus is a more detailed version of the book one. But I don’t really know, sadly there isn’t the clear answer I was hoping for. We’ll probably never know if the Creators copied that book or if it was an accident, whatever…

Anyways….it’s Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend….and the weekly Top 10 List!

Well, actually, I should say Top 5 List. Two of them, to be exact. You see, they both go together. Because it’s the Top 5 Smartest and Top 5 Dumbest Poptropica Characters!!!

Top 5 SMARTEST Poptropica Characters

5. Steamworks Characters

Many of the characters from Steamworks Island, like the Mayor, Sully, Zack, and the decreased Captain Ziggs were able to create mind-blowing steam-powered machines in the 1800s,

4. Dr. Hare

This quirky character, and maybe even the mascot of Poptropica, is an evil genius, after all.

3. Zeus

The only villain so far to actually succeeded with his evil plan…for a few hours at least. Also created a Dream Machine and seems to be the only character to know about the totems.

2. Binary Bard / Mordred

Like Dr. Hare, he is an evil genius, but he’s even smarter than him. He created lots of inventions, was able to make a barn owl into a robot, etc., etc. He later made himself a cyborg to survive on an unknown planet, and then became evil.

Who could be smarter than Mordred? Oh wait, someone is…

1. Athena

Does this surprise you?

Let’s get on with the next list now, we don’t have all day!

Top 5 DUMBEST Poptropica Characters

5. Ned Noodlehead

His name perfectly explains this nerd.

4. Crusoe

The guy from Monkey Wrench who doesn’t know how to stop talking. He also doesn’t know how to stop sleeping. Thinks that a bucket attached to balloons will fly… if an actual person stands in it.

3. Just About Everyone on Reality TV Island

All they care about is watching TV and Bucky Lucas, who didn’t even win Reality TV…he was the first one voted off. These people need to develop a better life style, they probably aren’t very healthy.

2. Your Poptropican

Wait…what? Yes, your Poptropican, the hero, is actually one of the stupidest characters in the game. Why? Let’s see…they trust everyone they meet and they always turn out to be the villain, and well you get the point. They are able to solve all those quests, but then again, they are just following that huge arrow on the screen to even move!

1. Gamer Guy

Sorry, Mighty Gamer, I know he’s your Pop crush, but he’s actually the dumbest character in Poptropica. He doesn’t understand how major the Zomberry apocalypse is, he’d eventually run out of food and water if it your Poptropican didn’t stop the apocalypse. Also, this post: http://blog.poptropica.com/2013/12/mocktropica-unfinished-costume-now.html

Worst. Grammar. EVER!


k ppl better go enjoy me gr8 weekend playin’ some non-noob video games like mega fighting bots and flappy bird. idk y cant pop just get a new island already geez tis annoying n boring tho im still obsessed with pop. well bye

-Tall Cactus



8 thoughts on “A Stormy Mystery (Pt. 2) and Two Top 5 Lists

  1. Wow, dis list… Not suprised on the smartest, but dang some of the stupidest…
    Gamer Guy: I’m not stupid!
    What? What are you doing on my comment? You are so not here… AAH!! I CAN’T MOVE MY MOUSE!!! Did you hack me?
    Ned Noodlehead: Well, i helped him.
    Dude!! You’re a superhero! More of a sidekick, then you got the medallion… Now i wanna punch you even more. That SO didn’t help.
    Crusoe: i want the credit for my flying machine.
    Gamer Guy: We want the recognition we deserve, not as the dumbest people on all of Poptropica.
    I’M on the list!
    Ned Noodlehead: Only because you have the gullibility of a… I don’t even know anything else THAT gullible!
    Ow. That hurt. But serously, if you’re complaining about this post, why are you hijacking MY account? What kind of stupid plan is that?
    *they all stare at Crusoe, who fell asleep*


    • I’m not as stupid as other poptropicans looks at gamer guy plays pop gamer guy pops up in a youtube video what you hacked me *fight ensues*


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