Shark Tooth Island Review

Let’s get started right away with this review, Poptropicans…


Like Early Poptropica, the story is very simple with not much depth to it, reflecting how the game was in 2007. However, the story is a tad better that EP. So a woman’s son gets stuck on some island that’s only like 15 feet away from the main island, but the son can’t get back because of the Great Booga Shark. You have to find the ingredients to make some potion that will make the shark fall asleep. After you throw a coconut to the shark with the potion in it, you save the son along with the supposedly decreased Proffessor  Hammerhead. The end…*sigh*


It’s a little more detailed and in a more tropical setting than Early Pop, nothing too special…

Early Pop Main Street

Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 10.07.52 AM

Shark Tooth Main Street

Screenshot 2016-06-05 at 12.17.39 PM.png

Do they seriously have the SAME EXACT BACKGROUND?!? Guess they just loved that blue mountain and palm tree setting back in 2007.


Once again, it hasn’t been updated to an SUI yet, so no soundtrack.

Difficulty and Length

About the same as Early Poptropica, maybe a tiny bit harder. Other than that, takes the same amount of time, which is 5 to 10 minutes if you know what to do.

Overall Rating

I give Shark Tooth…

out of 10 Stars

Final Thoughts

To be honest, this island is just like Early Poptropica, except with a slightly better story and a more tropical design. That’s no surprise, as these were the first two islands in the game, and they apparently released together, I’m not exactly sure. But one thing is for sure: Poptropica started to improve after Time Tangled, the 3rd island released…and its review will be next week. And if you’re wondering why this review was so short, it’s because there just wasn’t much to say, which will change soon with the longer, newer islands.

-Tall Cactus


20 thoughts on “Shark Tooth Island Review

  1. When I first saw the Great Booga Shark (or as I like to call ‘im, the Gr8 Boogie’s Ark) I was like “THE GREAT BOOGA SHARK ~oooooooooooooooh~”


  2. Wait, I just noticed a typo. You meant to put deceased, but autocorrect may have happened and it said decreased.


  3. I love dis island… The memories… Shooting coconuts absolutely everywhere… Pushing all the bottles of the Shaman’s tree… Doing all the stuff i wanted to do IRL, but couldn’t…
    …I may have had problems.
    Random Person: You still have problems.


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