It’s SUMMER!!!

Yup, you heard it. School’s out for 3 months so I’ll be able to spend all of my time with Poptropica and blogging. Well, not all my time. I do have a life, you know.

I’m just so happy!!! Take it away, Olaf!

But then again…

I’m sick and I had to post this on my phone, something I do during Poptropica emergencies and I don’t have access to a computer…or if in this case, if I can’t get out of bed.

Anyway, that means no Top 10 List today.

Also, when I feel better, I’m going to start writing my new fan fiction, that will release in August. I don’t want to end up cancelling this one too!

I’ll also add some new pages, update the old ones, and maybe even change the blog’s theme! Don’t expect these updates until at least tomorrow or Sunday, as I really don’t feel good right now.

That’s all for today. See you on Sunday, hopefully…

-Tall Cactus



10 thoughts on “It’s SUMMER!!!

  1. I hate frozen it will turn you into over watching evil merchandise buying crazed snowmen and snowomen who hate everone who didn’t watch it


    • Everybody’s saying all this good stuff about Frozen, but in my opinion, the only thing I have to say about it: Frozen = cancer. Too much merch, and the only thing that’s bigger than Frozen merch is the grocery aisles at Walmart. I even watched a fake trailer for Frozen 2 showing kids singing let it go and parents killing themselves because of it, Anna requests Elsa to stop singing, Elsa yells no, and something weird happens and the end. In other words, FROZEN SUCKS.

      **** you, Elsa, **** you Olaf, **** the whole cast of Frozen.


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