Time Tangled Island Review

We have reached Time Tangled Island. Y’know, the island that has to be the most educational of them all. Because of that, it’s not one of my favorites. However, this is the first island to actually have a decent length and have some challenge in it, and a more interesting story. Along with that, this island is an SUI, updated back in 2014, so I can actually review the soundtrack section this time.

Let’s begin!


This is the first island where you have to save something much bigger than a single island or person. In Time Tangled, you must save the future. Why? A time machine malfucntioned and some items got lost in the wrong time periods! You travel to the future, meet your older self, and fix the past using another time device your 50-year older self gave to you to return the items back to their correct time periods. Then you return to a perfect future, where your older self gives you the medallion! Not bad, if I say so myself. It could have been a tad better, but keep in mind that this was only the third island ever made.


This island still has that poppy, not-as-many-details-2007-look like the previous two islands, but hey it looks slightly better!

Screenshot 2016-06-12 at 12.19.14 PM.png


Finally, I can do the Soundtrack section! The soundtrack is pretty much like any other Poptropica soundtrack, which means it’s amazing. I really like how the music fits in with what time period you’re in. The theme on Main Street is cool, too, it sounds kind of like a clock in the background.

Difficulty and Length

This island is a decent length, it takes a good half hour to complete. It’s actually longer than many islands, not just the early ones. As for difficulty, it’s not the hardest island ever, it’s actually pretty easy if you know what to do, but there are a few challenging parkour areas, like Mount Everest and the Viking Cave.

Overall Rating

I give Time Tangled…

6.5 out of 10 stars

Not half bad, but it could be better with a deeper plot and better design.

Final Thoughts

This is the island that started making Poptropica a much better game. Longer islands with deeper plots would have never happened if it wasn’t for Time Tangled.

Well, that’s all for today’s review. The next review will be 24 Carrot Island. Bye for now!

-Tall Cactus


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