Theory Week: Are E. Vile and Mordred Related?

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There is a popular theory that has been floating around the community for a while now. One about how E. Vile is Mordred/Binary Bard’s father, and even if E. Vile’s not the cyborg’s father, that they are at least related in some other way.

One of the many people who believe them to be related is a Poptropica community member by the name of Yandari-Sama, who often chats on the PHC. Here is their argument on why they think this popular theory is true:

“The so infamous Binary Bard is known for being a cyborg in a island/world dealing with space, planets and a crystal planetoid. But Poptropica must love their cyborg and robot villains because they have another in the game. This villain subsequently does not have their own villain, but a rather long, tedious and unfinished minigame. By now, you’ve figured it out most likely, it’s E. Vile and the minigame Legendary Swords. Because of their robotic nature, people believe E. Vile and Mordred are related in a fatherly fashion, but with E. Vile being the father. With E. Vile being a robot and Mordred being a cyborg, this theory can already be debunked. So, as you can tell Mordred and E. Vile can’t be linked together, or can they in a different way? Mordred, we have to remember, was born human, but by the time he was exiled from the kingdom of Arcturus, he changed. Mordred was a creator of robots, and many of his creations were shown, but what if one of his creations escaped him. E. Vile or Mordred’s most prized possession. A full on, humanoid robot, an android. E. Vile was created for a purpose to help Mordred take over. E. Vile did not understand this task, explaining why he is not part of Astro Knights. E. Vile’s army is taking over the universe, for Mordred. He does not know that Mordred is in jail, and locked away. So, Mordred and E. Vile are related, but in a fatherly way, with Mordred being the creator of E. Vile. They are related after all! Thanks for reading this theory!”


Even though I don’t believe that they are related, that explanation was so well done that I just had to include it in this post. Nice job, Yandari-Sama!

Speaking of me not thinking the theory is true, here is my side of the theory:

Even though it is very possible that the two are related, we need to realize that we barely know anything about E. Vile. Legendary Swords is only a mini-quest that never got the sequel that it was originally going to get. Heck, E. Vile doesn’t even physically appear, he just comes in at the very end of the quest as a hologram! So how are we supposed to know if he is a robot, a human, or a cyborg? There is just not enough evidence to support the theory of him and Mordred being related. In fact, the robots on Legendary Swords look more like the ones from Game Show Island, not like anything Mordred would create. Let’s not also forget Mordred’s age. He seemed to be at least 20-30 years old when he escaped into space and became a cyborg. It is stated in Astro-Knights Island that he was in space for at least 10 years, probably 20 (I don’t remember), so he could be a good 50 years old now! E. Vile is probably younger, so E. Vile cannot be his father. As for the whole being related thing, they probably aren’t, I think the Creators would have said something by now. In a nutshell, I feel like we know too little about E. Vile and so much about Mordred to jump to conclusions. I think the only reason E. Vile is so alike to Mordred is because the Creators just didn’t have any new ideas, as they have been shown to totally copy things many times before (like Marvel, etc) for islands, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if their similarities were some lazy mistakes. Guess we’ll find out in New Pop, there is still a chance that they are in fact related.

Which theory do you think is true? Are they related or not? Do you think it’s a mix of the two? Leave your thoughts down in the comments below.

Well, that’s all for today’s theory, I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 2 of Theory Week!

-Tall Cactus

9 thoughts on “Theory Week: Are E. Vile and Mordred Related?

  1. As great as this theory is, it isn’t possible. Mordred’s mother, according to most Arthurian tales, is Morgause, AKA Morgan le Fay, AKA Morgana. She is Arthur’s half sister. But, seeing as Arthur isn’t in Poptropica, I’m going to say that Morgause is related to the king in Tropical Island from ODI. It is supported by the family tree there. Anyway, E.Vile can’t have any family connection to Mordred. And they cannot have a relation, due to the fact that E.Vile isn’t a robot! Furthermore, AstroKnights is set in medieval times, and Legendary Swords is Poptropica-time, so it occurs in our present time. Therefore, although they may have similarities, they cannot possibly have any connections.

    Sorry for that… >_<
    That was uncalled for…


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