Apologies and an Art Contest

Hey Poptropicans!

Before I get on with the Pop news, I just want to say sorry to all of you for not posting the last two days of Theory Week. Some unexpected stuff happened in the community, and I seriously needed to take a break and think about it all. I’m not going to explain what really happened, as I don’t want to talk about it on this blog right now. Or ever. All you need to know is that I’m not dead, I will be keeping this blog active, and I probably won’t be on Discord as much, as I want to do more things this summer than just sitting inside staring at a screen all day when it’s beautiful outside.

I also know that you were expecting the winners of June’s costume contest to be announced today, as it is July now, but like I said before, I’ve been dealing with more important things, and I still am, so I didn’t get a chance to look through the submissions yet. I’ll get around to that ASAP, so expect the June Winners/July Contest Theme post to be out tomorrow or Sunday. Again, I’m sorry about this.

Anyways, we have some good news about Poptropica. I mean, ANY news at this point is amazing!

Well, it’s not like info about New Pop or an island announcement, but it is something…


Yup, it’s the first ever fan art contest.

I may be entering, I’m not exactly sure yet, especially since I don’t have Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and I won’t be making any accounts on these sites anytime soon. But I’ll figure something out, the contest doesn’t end until Labor Day.

For the full contest details and rules, check out the Creators’ Blog.

-Tall Cactus

Btw, that doodle I drew back in May got into the collage. See if you can find it!


7 thoughts on “Apologies and an Art Contest

  1. i am on this computer less than i was during the school year. And that is not going to change, even when it stars up again.
    Now, about this art contest…
    i don’t have Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. (Still haven’t figured out what that last one even is!)


  2. MG, BD: Can you please stop? I didn’t want this drama to move onto my blog, we can deal with it when I go on Discord again later today. I don’t know if you’re actually trying to be nice because the liking and the commenting, or if you’re just pranking me again and making it worse. I’m pretty sure Spencer has never even heard of this blog before!

    Just know that I want to end this fight sometime tonight and make up with you guys, as I am sorry for what I did.


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