July 2016 Costume Contest (and June Winner)

Before I announce the winner, I just want to say sorry for this being so late. Like, I even said in my post from Friday that this was going to be posted on Friday/Saturday. And today is Tuesday. Oh well…

Anyways, if you forgot, June’s theme was Fun in the Sun, where you had to make an outfit perfect for the beach. I looked through all the entries (comment if I missed one) and I will post each of them right…now.

A pin is heard dropping onto the floor. 

Well, there’s something quite wrong! D:

While writing this post, I checked the entries in the comment section of the first costume contest post, like I was saying above, but when I clicked the Avatar Studio link, instead of showing the costume contest entry, it showed the player’s CURRENT outfit.

A few other people showed me actual screenshots on Discord and stuff of their entries, so I could actually see theirs, but I’m not going to post them here because it’s not really fair. So no winner this month.

What a bummer, I know. Next time, I either would enter screenshots or something else instead of a link to the Avatar Studio, not change your Poptropican’s costume until after the winner is announced, or just make a totally new account for this and not bother using your main one.

Now let’s just hope this month’s (July 2016) costume contest doesn’t end up like this.

So most of you have heard of Skinny Moon, right? Y’know, the Poptropica Creator who actually interacts with the community and even has been on the PHC a few times? Even though she’s super nice, one thing about her isn’t…her Poptropican’s outfits.


She switches it up sometimes, but it isn’t much of an improvement…


I’m not saying that she has no fashion sense, it’s just that her outfits are kinda, well, boring. The thing is (If you’re reading this, Skinny Moon, no offence, I’m just trying to help you look cooler) that she only seems to use clothes from the Home Island Shop or maybe even the choices that pop up when first making a Poptropican. The clothes that new players seem to always wear before they explore other islands and find more interesting outfit choices.

Creators normally wear clothes that are usually not accessible to the average player without glitching. Because almost all Creators have a villain/other Pop character alias. Skinny Moon doesn’t though, she just goes by her Poptropican’s default name, similar to a lot of bloggers, including myself. But that doesn’t explain her outfit.

That’s why the July 2016 will be about making a new outfit for this amazing Creator who’s outfit makes her seem more lame than she actually is. Not only to fit in with this theme better, but to also prevent what happened with June’s entries, you CANNOT use your main account for this challenge. You must make a new one, and make the new Poptropican’s hair and skin look similar to Skinny Moon to make this contest more fun.

You have until July 31st to enter, and the winner will be announced sometime in early August, maybe even the 1st, unlike this post. I will even try to somehow get Skinny Moon herself to see the winner’s look, and she just may end up using it! (Can’t make any promises on that, however…)

Phew, well that was a long, wordy post. I have a somewhat shorter, but just as interesting, post planned for tomorrow, so I’ll see you then!

-Tall Cactus

P.S.- I will be active with posting once again 😛

P.P.S.- Happy Fourth of July to all you American Poptropicans! Oh wait, it’s July 5th now, darn it…

P.P.P.S.- Magic Panda and a couple other people on Discord helped me come up with the Create-A-New-Skinny-Moon-Outfit idea a few weeks ago I think. Thanks guys!


10 thoughts on “July 2016 Costume Contest (and June Winner)

    • Sorry about the mini-rant. Misspelling words gets on my nerves. (Hey, that kind of rhymes!) Anyway, I have a question about the contest. I have a few backup accounts. Can I use one of them?


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