Top 5 Hardest and Easiest Poptropica Islands

I would have gotten this out earlier, but I had NO idea that there would be enough news for not one, but TWO unexpected posts today. Which is good, because we are finally getting some Pop updates again, yet is bad since it delays the posts that were actually planned ahead of time.

And no, there won’t be any posts tomorrow sadly, as none are planned and Creators NEVER announce news during the weekend. Although for some of you how live in places like Australia (I’m lookin’ at you, Shaky Skunk) it’s already Saturday morning. Oh well.

Anyways, let’s get started with the Top 5 Lists. As you saw in the title, it will be about the Hardest and the Easiest Poptropica Islands in my opinion. We are going to start with the Hardest Islands, as it’s easier to come up with a list for them than the easiest islands, quite oddly.

Top 5 HARDEST Poptropica Islands

5. Escape From Pelican Rock tied with Virus Hunter

I’m actually not sure which one is harder than the other, so I just made them a tie. Pelican Rock is pretty hard even with a guide, I played it right when it released to members on December 10th. It took me 4 hours to complete. And it just HAD to be a school night.

As for Virus Hunter, the quest is pretty straight-forward, but that Brain Virus Boss, so hard, even harder than the final boss, which makes no sense.

4. Wild West


Rant over.

3. Skullduggery 

I know many of you think Skullduggery is the hardest of ’em all, but I disagree. While it is challenging to get a million coins, it takes more time than skill. You need a lot of patience and free time to complete this island. That’s why it’s at #3.

2. Steamworks

This island is SUPER HARD. All the puzzles and plant monster fights make this the perfect candidate for the second hardest island ever.

1. Astro-Knights

Three words: the dragon battle.

Some other rage-quitting moments involve leading robot-sharks into a black hole without killing yourself, that volcano, using a bubble shield thing (that looks similar to the one in Steven Universe) to destroy a helicopter, riding a flying unicorn, a super hard puzzle, AND fighting a cyborg.

And yet the challenge makes it one of the best Poptropica islands.

Top 5 EASIEST Poptropica Islands

5. Big Nate

When I was writing this post, I almost forgot about the sponsored islands. Big Nate is VERY simple, it can be hard at some parts, but I wasn’t sure what else to put for #5, so I just picked this one.

4. 24 Carrot

This is a very easy island. I think almost all of you agree with that. You just save a car by getting milk at that cafe and stuff, then you sneak into the factory and find your way through the vents, and later you defeat Dr. Hare. It’s easier than it sounds, people!

3. Shark Tooth

It takes 5-10 minutes to complete. It was the second island made ever. It’s a fetch quest. How much more of an explanation do you need?

2. Early Pop

Same as Shark Tooth, except it was the FIRST island ever made. So it’s a tiny bit easier in my opinion.

1. Monkey Wrench

It’s literally a tutorial. They tell you stuff like how to MOVE and how to JUMP. Something that is needed to know for every other island. So yeah, not very surprising that this was the easiest…

Well, that’s the last post for today, I promise this time. See you on Sunday for two special posts!

-Tall Cactus




3 thoughts on “Top 5 Hardest and Easiest Poptropica Islands

  1. Really? Well, it must be different from person to person. Astro-knights was really easy for me, and Wild West? That train robbery, I did it without using the Concentration Carbohydrate once. Well,…


  2. Hey, I’m an older teen that just started playing poptropica because I thought Steamworks island looked hella cool. I beat it already and LOVED all the puzzles. What other islands do you recommend that would be challenging puzzle-wise or for older teens? Thanks man.


  3. Wild West was really easy for me, but Astro Knights was absolute heck!! I love Skullduggery! So much fun- as for steamworks, i hate it. no.


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