Adventure Pig

Yeah, it seems like that app that was being made by StoryArc Media, Poptropica’s parent company, finally released to the States (it had already been released in Ireland or something) because:

I’m not going to judge the game yet, as I haven’t even played it, but I may eventually download it. If I do, then I’ll post a review of it on this here blog.

BTW, I think we can all agree that the one review on there was written by Skinny Moon, I mean, “copywriterjess.” Her real name is Jessica if you didn’t already know.

Screenshot 2016-07-10 at 2.13.48 AM.png

Sorry this post was so lame, I wrote it at 2 in the morning, so that’s why. Don’t judge, I just couldn’t fall asleep. Anyways, there are 2 other posts planned for today that will be way better. Bye for now!

-Tall Cactus


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