Updates: New Schedule + Upcoming Series Release Date Info

Hey, BLOG-tropicans, TC here, once again, with some more blog updates.

I have a new posting schedule planned, so take a lookie below:

  • Sunday: Island Reviews (My Blog ONLY)
  • Monday: nothin’ planned
  • Tuesday: nothin’ planned
  • Wednesday: New Episode of the Fan Fic (My Blog + ECC)
  • Thursday: Theory (My Blog + ECC) 
  • Friday: nothin’ planned
  • Saturday: New Episode of the Fan Fic (My Blog + ECC); Villain Showdown (PTFP)

As for the non-weekly posts…

  • News: As soon as it is out, doesn’t matter what day or time, may be a few hours late depending on what I, doing in the real world (like school) and on ALL blogs that I work on
  • Costume Contests: My blog only, beginning and end of each month, probably…
  • Top 5/10 Lists: Whenever I want, period.
  • Random Posts: Whenever I want, period.
  • Special Posts: On special occasions
  • New Pop: Whenever I want, or if there is MAJOR news about it

This new schedule will not start till my new series comes out, however. Until it does come out, I will only really be posting Theory Thursdays as I will be busy with writing as much as the story as I can.

You may just remember that I had originally planned for this “Mysterious Upcoming Fan Fiction” to be officially announced (like its name and stuff) on July 30th and for it to start releasing on August 3rd.

Well, that is going to change a little bit.

With New Pop approaching closer and closer everyday, I’m actually going to try to get this series up and running as soon as possible. That’s why the first episode will now come out on July 30th, and you will find out all sorts of info about it in a post that will be released…


Yup, it’s true. Now you will learn the series’ actual NAME tomorrow afternoon, right here on my blog and ECC.

See you then.

-Tall Cactus




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