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Poptropica: The TV Series!!! 

Crowd: *gasps*

And it’s not even going to be animated, cause I can’t draw very well and it would take too long!!! Oh, and PW’s movie.

Crowd: Awww…

No no no, don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Even though the title is boring and so is the concept, and it just being a bunch of transcripts instead of an actual animation, I promise you that this series is going to be really cool and interesting.

Well, not the first few episodes, of course, as most cartoons are like that, aren’t they?

Anyways, let’s just get onto the juicy info now, shall we?

First of all, there will be three seasons. Each season will have 26 episodes. New episodes will be released twice a week, though some weeks may have more or less becausee of special occasions. Which means that this series will last, if it doesn’t get cancelled, which it won’t unless I quit blogging altogether, a total of 39 weeks. Sprinkle in a few hiatuses between seasons and busyness in real life, and you get a series that could last nearly a YEAR. So yeah, this is going to last much, much longer than Totem Curse, and since I’m writing parts of it ahead of time, I won’t be rushing to get out new episodes on time.

As for the format of each episode, it will be like a transcript, which is a thing used in movies/TV Shows/games, you name it, that shows what each character says and does. For example:

Bob: We have a test in school tomorrow. And I didn’t study cause I keep playing Pokemon Go too much!

(Runs around in circles in a panic.)

Bob: You know what? I’ll just fake sick and skip school so I can study!

(The next day, Bob fakes a fever by splashing hot water on his face and his mom believes him.)

Mom: You better rest in bed, young man.

(When his mom isn’t looking, Bob sneaks outside to play Pokemon Go, but it’s really cold outside.)

(Bob makes it inside just in time and climbs back into bed right before his mom comes into the room to check his temp again.)

Mom: Your temperature is normal, you weren’t sick at all! And, I know you went outside, I’m smarter than I look. You’re going to school. And you’re grounded for 2718393…years.

Bob: Darn it.

(Bob makes it to school just in time for the test, which he ends up copying someone’s paper and gets an F for cheating. Worst part, he can’t even play Pokemon Go because his phone was taken away.)


So yeah, that’s your average movie/TV/game transcript right there.

As for the actual fan fic, I’m not going to give any hints to the plot just yet. You’ll see on July 30th, when the first episode comes out. Actually, never mind that. I will release another post later tonight about the story, as this post is getting a bit long.

See you then!

-Tall Cactus






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