Pop TV: Story, Characters and More

‘Ello Fan-Tropicans, TV is back for another fan fic post only like 6 hours after the original one, just like I said.

Anyways, I just wanted to do this post to explain the things about Poptropica: The TV Series that I didn’t get time for earlier today. This includes the story, some of the main characters, differences from the game, and how New Pop will affect the series, as it most likely will come out before season 3 starts.

Lets start with the story…


So yeah, there’s this teenager named Jack who is in like 8th grade or something, and he wants to make a PopTube channel but his parents don’t let him. They end up moving from Bay City to Early Poptropica, which doesn’t help anything because he LOVED Bay City. And then he goes to his new school and some chaos occurs when a girl named Piper somehow gets stuck in Poptropica and won’t stop taking about some place called Earth with some mysterious medallion. If you want to know the details, read Episode 1 when it comes out on July 30th.

After a few episodes of blimp stuffs, they start saving a bunch of islands and find out more about Pop and Earth and blah blah blah and then they learn a HUGE SECRET that changes everything! And that’s only Season 1…


Yes, a lot, well most, of the characters in the series are in the actual game. Many are just minor characters who only appear in one or two episodes, but a few, such as the villains, have major roles later on, although it may not seem that way early on, as some people appear once in season 1 to return as a huge part of the end of season 2.

Heck, Jack, who is obviously an OC, has parents who are in the game. That being Amelia, who in fact wasn’t Amelia Earhart, but Amelia Edwards before she got married to…Octavian Pearson. AKA the villain from MotM. I’m being completely serious right now. It may seem crazy, but it’s true. MotM will be a part of this series, but Oliver, Mya, and Jorge are more minor characters and the actual events of MotM don’t occur till season 3.

In fact, many of the main OCs have parents who are not original. For example, one (not saying who, spoilers) is the daughter or son (again, can’t tell what gender just yet cause of spoils) of Bucky Lucas.

Oh, and Balloon Boy stars in his own episode and the Booted Bandit is much more interesting then he, yes, HE seems. And there’s a selfish president. OK, let’s just move onto the next section before I spoil too much…

Differences from the Game

-it doesn’t take place in the game, in the series Pop is a totally different universe from Earth.

-everyone has normal names, no “Tall Cactus” or names like that, which also means that no community members will be in this fan fiction, similar to Totem Curse.

-some island plots are changed slightly to change with the fact that Pop isn’t a game in this, like Mocktropica is just a bad dream, and gross islands and sponsored islands like Virus Hunter and GHD don’t happen at all.

-some fan made lore about Planet Poptropica, Realms, all sorts of stuff that will also change some of the game’s content.

-a whole lotta stuff that you will have to see to believe when the actual series releases…

About New Pop…

This series will have most of the islands as episodes. And it will last for almost a year, so New Pop WILL come out sometime in season 2 or 3, which also happen to have a lot of original lore and content. New Pop could come and ruin all of that in a second with new islands and plot lines. Since I already have seasons 1 and 2 planned, I will be putting any interesting islands and backstrories in season 3. I may have to change a LOT of New Pop content, but I sorry, there is nothing else I can do about that.

Anyways, that wraps up the two Pop TV posts for this fine day. Are you more excited for this series now that you learned this info? Leave a comment below, and I’ll see you on Thursday for another theory.

-Tall Cactus




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