Why I Don’t Post About Ads (Or the App)

That moment when you realize that you said in your last post that you weren’t going to post again till next week… but then you post for the second time that same day.

TC logic, mind blown.

Hey guys, TC here for the second time today. I just wanted to make a quick post explaining something important, that being why I don’t nearly post about “news” as often as many other Poptropica bloggers do. We need to start on what my definition of Pop “news” even is.

For me, news is an important game update, whether that being a new island, sneakers or a Pop version of the Wheel of Fortune giving away rare store items and credits. Yet, for many other, well almost all bloggers, news is also smaller things such as an advertisement for a movie, or a repeat for MotM, random Creators’ Blog posts or even the app itself. Even the PHB posts about things like that. And yet I don’t. Or, to be more specific, I used to, back when my blog was a little teeny baby, but now I choose not to.

But, why?

You see, I don’t see the point of posting about something as small as an ad. No offense to the bloggers who do, I am completely fine with you posting about it if you want, it’s just that I personally don’t like doing it. I don’t log into Pop for an ad…ever. I barely play the app anymore. And I like doing other kinds of posts than just news, only posting about bigger pieces of news helps me have more time for theories and the fan fic and even posts like the one you’re reading right now. Even if I was to post about, say, the repeated MotM phot booth ad that just came back the other day, or that Nine Lives movie ad, the post would be very short, and not that interesting. I just want my blog to be as fun and unique as it can be.

I hope that this post explained everything well enough, Poptropicans. I really hope you all understand, as it was hard trying to find words to explain it all. And no, I’m not trying to be dramatic about this, I just wanted these words to make sense.

-Tall Cactus


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