Pop TV: Episode 1


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Hey guys, before the series starts I just wanted to let you know that unlike Totem Curse, posts with Pop TV episodes are not going to have intros and stuff. OK, now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin!

Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 1

“Welcome to Poptropica”

*a moving truck is seen driving through the Early Poptropica Main Street*

Jack (voice only): Ahh, Early Poptropica…

*closeup of the water tower is seen*

Jack: Also known as the most boring place in the entire universe…

*the people acting like famous artists in the Pop Art Museum are shown, one of them drools as a painting falls off the wall*

Jack: …with too many little kids…

*little kid rides skateboard but runs into the Soda Pop Shop and falls, getting back up a second later*

Kid: Again, again!

Jack: …a school that’s so small that it has all 12 grades in one building…

*Closeup of Early Pop Academy, Zoey is hanging out with the popular girls who are making fun of some 3rd graders*

Jack: …the only thing that looks interesting and maybe even fun is that water park at the other side of town.

*a sign is shown that says “Water Thrill Wter Pak” (the a and r fell off) and a guy is flung off of a water slide right into the sign. He looks hurt but he puts one of his thumbs up in the air*

Jack: But that water park is way too dangerous… no wonder it’s closing soon.

*the camera zooms out and gives a birds-eye view of the entire island.*

Jack: Early Poptropica does stink, that’s for sure. But now I’m gonna be stuck living here till the summer.

*the camera moves back to the moving truck, which is now pulling up to a blue house with a mysterious building in the backyard. Jack and his two parents are seen driving up behind the truck in a red minivan, and Jack exits out of the back door.*

Jack: Why am I here, you ask? It’s a long story…


Jack: It was awesome when I lived in Bay City well West Bay Ckty to be exact. I had a ton of friends and I was one of the most popular kids in the local middle school. OK, I wasn’t the most popular kid ever, but y’know, we 8th graders ruled the school.

*Jack and some of his friends are seen walking in the hallway of the school, some 6th graders are shaking in fear and some run away*

Jack: But everything changed when my mom, Amelia, and my dad, Octavian, decided to move is back to Early Poptropica to show me our “family roots” or whatever the heck they were talking about then. I don’t care.

*Amelia and Octavian are seen talking to Jack in their apartment*

Jack: So yeah, we packed, and today we are moving into our new home. To your right is the living room…

*Jack is revealed to have been taping the whole time for a vlog for his pretend video channel.”

Octavian: We told you a million times that you are too young for a PopTube channel, Jack. Turn off the camera NOW.

Jack: Sorry…

*Jack turns off the camera*

The next day…

*Jack is seen walking into Early Pop Academy with a huge backpack full of books. He takes a deep breath, then starts walking through the hallways full of kids misbehaving, until he sees a girl talking to some other girls with long black hair with pink highlights. Jack blushes.*

Jack: Hi, I’m Jack. What’s your name? I’m new to this school.

Popular Girl: Zoey…

*Zoey frowns and her group of “friends” starts to laugh*

Jack: You’re beautiful…

*Just then, Jack sees a poster for the upcoming school dance*

Jack: Would you like to go to the dance with me?

*Zoey’s friends laugh even harder, and Zoey makes an angry face*

Zoey: Um, NO! You not only just met me, but you are a total nerd who’s embarrassing me in front of my friends, the most popular girls in this school! Just go away!

*Zoey grabs Jack’s backpack and throws it on the ground, and a dozen books fall to the ground. Then she runs away crying, her friends laughing.*

Jack: Why did I have to move?!

After school…

*Jack walks in the front door only to see a girl with blonde hair with a crazy rainbow emoji outfit on right in front of him. She is holding a slightly broken medallion in her right hand*

Jack: AAAAAH! Who the heck are you?!

Girl: Hi! I’m Piper P. Pearson!

Jack: What are you doing here? Do you live down the street or something?

Piper: I’m gonna live here now!

Jack: Um, no you’re not.

Piper: Um, yes I am.

*Just then Octavian and Amelia walk outside*

Amelia: Piper is in fact staying with us.

Jack: Why? She’s a total weirdo! I guess this is how Zoey felt when she met me…

Amelia: Who is this “Zoey” you are talking about?

Jack: Some girl at school who I have a crush on…but she kinda hates me…

Amelia: Oh.

Jack: But why is Piper here in the first place?!

Octavian: It’s a long story, are you sure-

Piper: I can explain! So, I was just walking around my hometown of Plainville, Massachusetts, which is in the United States of America, which is in North America, with is on the Planet Earth, which is in the Solar System, which is in the Milky Way Galaxy, which is in the Universe!

Jack: Planet Earth? What’s that?

Octavian: This isn’t a good time-

Piper: Aren’t we on Earth right now?

Octavian: Um…

*Octavian whispers to Amelia*

Octavian: Of-of course we are!

*Amelia nods her head and makes a fake smile along with Octavian*

Jack: No we aren’t-

Octavian: Don’t tell her!

Piper: Can I just finish my story now?

Amelia: Yes.

Piper: Yay! So, I was walking in Plainville when I found this medallion on the ground! When I picked it up, this weird portal thing appeared and I jumped right in! And then I landed right into the water tower over there…

*the water tower is seen with a hole in it, and water is gushing out*

Jack: Okay then…

Piper: I thought the police would come, so I ran as fast as I could until I reached this house. Octavian knew exactly what happened to me with the medallion and stuff, and he and his wife Amelia are gonna let me stay here until I can get home!

Octavian: Don’t tell him!

Piper: Sorry…

Jack: Seriously Dad, I know you’re hiding something from me…

Octavian: Maybe. But it’s for the best.

Piper: Can we go inside now? I’m bored.

Amelia: Of course! Jack has homework and we have to try to get Piper enrolled in the school ASAP.

Jack: Well, where is Piper even gonna stay?! What will she wear?!

Octavian: She will be sharing your room, I guess. You still have that bunk bed, so it’ll work out. As for clothes, we’ll go buy her some tomorrow.

Jack: Dad! I don’t want to share my room with someone like…her!

Octavian: Please stop complaining, this is the best we can do right now. I’m sorry. Why don’t you just go to bed now, it’s getting late.

Jack: OK, fine…

Octavian: You too, Piper.

Piper: Aww, lame.

Later that night, in the living room….

Octavian: I don’t know what we should do, Amelia, it’s just that-

Amelia: Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. Jack will eventually get along with her, I don’t blame him for being so mean. I would have too.

Octavian: It’s not that, Amelia. I’m not sure if Jack is ready to learn about, you know, Earth…

Amelia: Maybe it’s for the best.

Octavian: Maybe it’s not. I’m not going to tell him just yet.

Amelia: Fine, have it your way. I’m going to go sleep now, goodnight.

*She walks upstairs.*

Octavian: Maybe I’m the one who needs to forget about Earth. *sigh*

The next day…

*Jack and Piper are walking to the Academy*

Jack: I can’t believe they let you come here that quickly.

Piper: Me either, that never would happen in Plainville! But I don’t really know, I never actually had to enroll in a new school before now.

*Jack shrugs*

Later that day, in the hallway after the last period ended for the day…

*Zoey and the popular girls walk up to Jack and Piper.*

Zoey: Oh look, the nerd is back, this time with another girl! I thought I was your crush. Guess you finally realized that I hate your guts.

Jack: She’s not my girlfriend!

Zoey: Oh, please…

Popular Girls: Sorry, gotta go! Do

*They grab Zoey’s backpack and run outside. Zoey, Jack, and Piper are the only students still in the school, all the teachers are gone.*

Zoey: I guess I’m not a cool kid after all. You know what, Jack? I actually think you’re a pretty nice guy, but I could never say that in front of my… friends. Maybe they aren’t my friends. I guess I’m just trying too hard and making a fool out of myself…

*Zoey begins to cry a little until a huge bang is heard*

Piper: What was that?!

*Zoey stops crying and Jack starts shaking. Then a man in a what seems to be a bunny suit and about a dozen other people walked right to the kids.*

Man: MUAHAHAHA…HA! Man I really need to work on my evil laugh…

Piper: Aww, you’re so cuuute!

Man: Don’t you dare call me cute, I’m actually an evil super villain named… Dr. Hare!

Jack: You’re not a super villain, everyone knows that super villains are only in books and stuff like that.

Dr. Hare: Ha, you’ll be regretting what you said there when I mind control the entire world one day.

Jack: Be serious, Poptropica has never had any full-blown “super villains” before, just some random criminals. Most of them are in Pelican Rock and he County Prison right now…

Piper: Poptropica? This is Poptropica? I thought we were on Earth…

Jack: You didn’t even realize that my dad was lying?

Piper: He was lying?!

Jack: Ugh…

Piper: What is Poptropica?

Jack: I don’t have time to explain right now…

Zoey: No comment.

Dr. Hare: Anyways, maybe you should take some time to meet some of my most hardworking henchmen.

Piper: Why are you only telling us? This makes no sense!

*Dr. Hare stares at the medallion in her pocket for a brief second, no one notices*

Dr. Hare: First, we have Dave Dangerous, who helps me do some of my planning and helps me make some of my awesome inventions.

*Dave is wearing a pink tuxedo and has some handsome gray hair, although it looks a tad fake.*

D. Dangerous: Look at my glorious hair!

Dr. Hare: Next we have Blair Wendy, my second-in-command.

*She has wavy short black hair, pale, almost white skin, and red lipstick and earrings. She’s also wearing a pink shirt like all the other minions*

Dr. Hare: There are also a bunch of other minions, but there’s nothing too special about them.”

*There are a lot of angry faces in the background*

Dr. Hare: Lastly, we have Richard the “Raven”, a former ringmaster…who, um, helps me make these mind control helmets!

*Raven holds up the helmet, which is gray and looks like a pair of bunny ears*

We only have one right now, but it will come in handy…

*Dr. Hare takes the helmet from Raven and places it on Zoey’s head*

Jack: Zoey!

Zoey: What can I do for you, Master Hare?

Dr. Hare: Go to my secret lair and help my other minions make more of the helmets! The directions there should have been programmed right into the helmet.

Zoey: Yes, Master.

*Zoey runs off*

Jack: Zoooooeeeey!!!

*Dr. Hare and co leave the scene*

Jack: Well, this sucks…

Piper: I think we should go home… it is Friday, and school ended a while ago, after all.

Jack: I sure could use two days of relaxation.

Piper: What are we waiting for? Let’s go!

Jack: But what about Dr. Hare?! And Zoey?!

Piper: We can deal with them later, there’s nothing much we can do at the moment! Let’s just go enjoy the weekend, the best part of the week!

Jack: Something seems seriously wrong…


*As the credits roll, Octavian is seen sneaking into the mysterious building in the backyard with a flashlight. A yellow blimp is seen for a mere second before the credits end*



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