Vacation and Island Review Update

Hey guys, TC here. Following the excitement of the first Pop TV episode, I have a couple updates to share, as you saw in the title.

Yup, I’m once again going on vacation. I’m leaving on Saturday, I think, and I will be gone for about a week. However, unlike the vacation I went on back in June, I will NOT be inactive. I figured out that you can just write posts ahead of time and schedule them to be published whenever you want, so I’ll be doing that. That means I’ll be working hard these next few days to write more episodes of the fan fic and some theories for you guys to enjoy next week. That also means that unplanned posts, like any breaking news over on the Creators’ Blog, may not be covered until days after it happens. Or it may be posted about right away if it’s at the perfect time. Or it may not be covered at all, it all depends on how important it is. But don’t worry, this blog will still be as active as usual.

Oh, and I’ll still be on Discord, but I may be a tad more inactive, it all depends on how busy I am. I thought I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be active last time, yet I end up being on there for hours each day.

And then there are the Island Reviews. It is Sunday, if you live in the US like me, that is, so there should have been a review today, right? Well…

Island Reviews are no longer a weekly series.

Yeah, I’m really sorry about this, but it’s not like they’re cancelled or anything. It’s just that they will be posted whenever I feel like it, and there won’t be a schedule of any sort. For example, there could be a month where five reviews are posted, and the next month there could be none.

The reason I’m doing this is because island reviews take very, very long for me to right. Even longer than a theory. It’s not easy to either, you gotta find the perfect words to describe some of the islands, and some are just hard to have a strong opinion about. And, I don’t know, I just don’t really enjoy doing them that often, let alone every week. Plus, two other blogs are doing island reviews as a series, too. Oh well.

Again, I’m sorry about this, but it was my only choice. See you on Wednesday for Episode 2 of Pop TV!

-Tall Cactus


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