Theory Thursdays: The Booted Bandit’s True Identity

Hey Poptropicans, welcome back to Theory Thursdays. After a two week break for the Q&A, the theories are back baby!


Today we will be discussing the Booted Bandit, one of the most mysterious villains to date. Even though they only play a minor role in Escape From Pelican Rock, similar to the Red Baroness from Monkey Wrench, the Booted Bandit is unique as they are an  exact copy of your Poptropican! Sadly, the reason for this was never actually explored in Pelican Rock, but I have a few ideas of my sleeve.

You see, I believe that the Booted Bandit is actually your Poptropican’s long lost identical twin.

It may seem too shocking to be true, but there actully isn’t any evidence against that statement, as nothing has been revealed about your Poptropican’s backstory or family except how you found the blimp. This may change in New Pop, however. I’m actually starting to think that New Pop won’t be so bad after all. But that theory isn’t until next Thursday!

Anyways, this also explains the reason why the Booted Bandit is even evil. They are probably jealous of you for being so famous and heroic, while they are just a burgler with no friends. They seem to be obsessed with becoming rich, as they robbed all those banks and are looking for some treasure in that tower thingy, so I’m guessing all those medallions you collect are actually worth a lot of cash.

So the second they see you in Bay City, the Booted Bandit realizes this is their chance for revenge, and the events of EFPR follow.

Finally, I want to point out that the Booted Bandit is not the only character to look identical to your Poptropican. There’s also that butler dude from Mystery Train. But remember, I believe that Mystery Train is just a play or maybe a movie, so what if the Booted Bandit was an actor/actress who never rose to fame, unlike their heroic twin? Just let that settle in for a moment.

And that’s all for this week’s theory. See you next Thursday for my new thoughts on the New Pop!

-Tall Cactus

7 thoughts on “Theory Thursdays: The Booted Bandit’s True Identity

  1. Mind Blown.
    Man, that would make sense in my story, except for the fact that i had to spend two days trying to figure out how Lucky could have a cousin. But separated at birth… hmm…


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