Pop TV: Episode 3


Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 3

Blimp Ride

*The episode opens with Piper and Jack sleeping in the bunk bed. An alarm clock is heard beeping and she wakes up, her hair a total mess. Piper presses the snooze button, and falls back asleep. But the alarm beeps again an hour or so later. Jack is a deep sleeper and didn’t even notice the alarm.*

Piper: Ugh…

*She rubs her eyes and then looks at the clock. It’s 7:59 am.*


*She quickly puts on a sweatshirt and sweatpants over her pajamas and runs out the door ending up at the school 5 minutes later. She sees no one there. She looks through a window, it’s dark inside.*

Piper: Oh right, it’s Sunday…*sigh*

*Piper walks home, where she realizes that everyone is still sleeping, so she climbs back into bed and dozes off once again.*

*Later, Piper walks downstairs and sees Jack, Octavian, and Amelia watching TV in the living room.*

Amelia: Hello Piper, how did you sleep?

Piper: Good, I guess.

Jack: Um… if you just woke up, then why are you dressed?!

Piper: *nervously laughs* You see, I um, thought I had school…

Jack: *slaps hand on his face and nods his head*

Octavian: Anyways, me and your mom are going to go see a movie and go out for dinner. You’re 8th graders, old enough to stay home yourself.

Amelia: We are going to leave at 4 and we should be home by 9. If you need anything then just call us, and don’t answer the door-

Piper: Why are you telling us if you’re not leaving for hours?

Jack: Because it’s 2 pm.

Piper: I slept for that long?!

Jack: Yup. Guess you shouldn’t have stayed up till 5 am.

Piper: Ugh, you’re no fun. Can we go outside or something, I’m bored.

Jack: OK.

*Outside, the kids notice the mysterious shack.*

Piper: Ooh, I wonder what’s in there-

Jack: No, no, don’t touch! My dad said to never go near it.

Piper: We could tonight…

Jack: *smiles*


A couple hours later…

Amelia: Well, we’re going to go in a second, bye, we love you!

Octavian: Remember the rules! And please don’t go near the shed.

Piper: We won’t.

Octavian: Good. You could watch a movie or something we’ll we’re gone if you get bored. Bye!

*They walk out the door.*

Piper: Now’s our chance.

*Piper starts to walk outside until Jack stops her.*

Jack: Are you sure we should do this, my dad said-

Piper: If you don’t want to go, then I’ll just go myself. *walks outside*

Jack: Piper, no! I don’t wanna get grounded!

*Piper walks over to the shed and pulls on the door. It opens, because it doesn’t have a lock, strangely. A golden-yellow striped blimp is seen inside, along with another medallion and a wrench. A corner of a map is seen hanging on one of the walls, but Piper doesn’t notice.*


Jack: What?! I was just gonna put the movie on, it’s the new Bucky Lucas one…

Piper: JACK!!!

Jack: Fine…

*Jack walks outside and sees the blimp.*

Jack: You were right, wow…

Piper: We should go ride the blimp! It’ll be fun!

Jack: Piper, that’s not a good idea…

Piper: *pulls blimp out of the shed*

Jack: Piper, seriously…

Piper: *climbs up the blimp’s rope and jumps in the basket.*

Piper: Jump in!

Jack: Piper…

*Blimp starts to float away.*

Jack: Piper!

*Jack runs after the blimp and jumps on before it starts to fly away.*

Piper: I can see the whole town from here. Awesome!

Jack: It’s NOT awesome. How are we going to get down?!

Piper: I don’t know, I don’t actually care right now. If you’re so worried about it, then just use your phone and call your parents like they said to do.

Jack: Remember, I’m trying NOT to get in trouble.

Piper: Then call the police or something to save us?!

Jack: Good idea, maybe you aren’t as stupid as you seem. Let me get my phone- oh no. It’s just that stupid camera that can’t even record videos! Where did my phone go, I just had it?!

Piper: *tries texting on the phone*

Jack: Give me my phone back!

Piper: Wha-what?! *drops the phone*

Jack: My phone…thanks a lot, my parents are going to kill me even if they don’t find out about the blimp!

Piper: Why don’t we just enjoy the scenery while we can.

Jack: *sigh* Fine…

*The blimp flies over the ocean, but only one or two other islands are seen.*

Piper: So, this is Poptropica, not Earth?

Jack: Yeah. I don’t know why my dad keeps hiding it from you. What even is Earth?

Piper: Earth is a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. There are seven continents and seven billion people. There are-

Jack: Seven BILLION?! There are only like 900 million people here. Too much ocean, makes up 92% of all Poptropica.

Piper: Gosh, but then why is- oh look! We’re reaching land, finally…

*The skyline of a city is scene, along with some boats docking in a harbor. The sun begins to set.*

Jack: It’s Bay City!

Piper: Oh so THIS is where you used to live…nice city. Ooo, what’s that statue over there? It looks like the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Jack: I forget its name, whatever. This is the East Bay City, and I lived in West Bay City, so I have no idea. But what’s “New York”?

Piper: Just the biggest city in the United States…

Jack: The United States?!

Piper: It’s my home country.

Jack: What even is a country?

Piper: How do you not know what a country is?!

Jack: How am I supposed to know, Poptropica seems WAY different than whatever Earth is, more so than you think.

Piper: Let’s just drop the subject, please.

Jack: So annoying…

Piper: Look, I’m sorry if I always sound so happy and “annoying” all the time. I’m just trying to stay positive, something that you can’t do!

Jack: My life was fine until YOU came along and ruined it! What’s your problem?

Piper: My problem is just that I miss my home, I miss Earth. Poptropica looks very similar to it, but it just feels so different. It’s kinda scary. Something just doesn’t feel right…

Jack: Oh no, it’s starting to get dark. We really need to find a way to get back home, I mean MY home, NOW.

Piper: If only there was someone we could ask…

Jack: If only you didn’t destroy my phone…

Piper: Hey, look in front of you! It looks like a building or something.

Jack: No, it’s just some clouds…oh my-

Piper: Look again…

Jack: You’re right, but-

*Suddenly, everything goes black.*


(During the credits, Amelia and Octavian are seen at the movies. Octavian’s phone then starts buzzing and he and Amelia run out of the theater. He accidently drops his phone, which has an alert message on it.)


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  1. Seriously cool ( I just send the first chapter of my new fan-fiction on my blog, friendlywhalesblog.wordpress.com Please chack it out)


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