Just Some Suggestions…

I don’t know if the Creators will ever see this, and I can’t tell them cause I’m not allowed to get a Twitter yet, so I’m just gonna make a little list right here…

Things I Want in Poptropica!

  1. More Islands on the App
  2. The Online Store on the App
  3. Friending on the App
  4. More Common Rooms on the App
  5. Cross-Play Between App and Desktop
  6. More Costumes
  7. A Special Event of Some Sort Before New Pop
  8. A Costume Editor/Maker
  9. Free Chat in Common Rooms
  10. New Multiplayer Games
  11. New Pop Quizzes
  12. The Old Welcome Screen
  13. The Island Order from the Old Map
  14. An Online Version of the upcoming MotM sequel, “The Lost Expedition”
  15. More Multiverses
  16. And, Of Course…A NEW ISLAND!!!

Have any more ideas that I may have missed? Comment below!

-Tall Cactus



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