Pop TV: Episode 5


Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 5

Island in the Sky

Jack: Wait, lemme get this straight. You’re explorers, NOT pilots? Why did you lie to me all these years that you own an airplane! And people explore for a living? What the heck…

Amelia: Pilots? Well, we kinda are, but that isn’t our day job. We were once explorers, we just quit once I gave birth to you. At one point Octavian did work at an airport however…

Jack: That explains that song you would sing to me when I was little!

Piper: Song? I LOVE SONGS!!!

Jack: Wasn’t it like…”I’m at the airport with my family. Brother, sister, mom and dad. I’m glad, glad, glad! This is my mom. She’s a pilot. My dad is a pilot too. This is my sister. She is happy. But my brother is sad.”

Piper: That song sucks. Why is the brother sad? That makes me sad, how could the family still be happy when the brother wasn’t? He must have depression! But his family won’t help him…*starts crying*

Jack: Piper…

Octavian: I do not recall that…interesting…song, but I’m glad, glad, glad you passed the test!

Jack: But why did you test me, now was that even a test!

Octavian: We have some explaining to do, follow me…


Octavian: You too, Piper…


*The four of them walk out of the room, with Amelia dragging Piper out since she’s crying too hard.*

*Outside, a bunch of buildings are seen, on islands floating in the mists of the clouds.*

Jack: Wha-what place is thi-i-is…

Piper: Why-y can’t I-I stop crying…

Octavian: Welcome to Sky Island, also known as the Hub. It’s the explorer’s paradise, where an elite group of Poptropicans meet to discuss Poptropica’s secrets. Your mother and I were once the leaders of this group, and, since we are much too old, and you passed the test, it’s your turn, Jack.


Jack: What? Me? An explorer? Oh no no no, you got me wrong…

*He gets confused by all the stares surrounding him.*

Jack: I’m sorry I just wanna make PopTube videos…

Piper: Then why did I see all those journal entries on how you want to TRAVEL ACROSS POPTROPICA?!

*Piper pulls out a piece of picture that shows some terrible doodles of Jack on various islands, smiling and holding a camera.*


*Jack blinks a few times, grabbing the paper out of Piper’s hand and ripping into shreds.*

Jack: Fine, I admit it, I kinda wanna be an explorer. That’s what my PopTube channel was actually going to be about. I was just too scared t say it cause I thought you guys were so strict and stuff…

Amelia: Don’t worry, I’m a cool mom. Peace bro.

Jack: You are trying way too hard.

Octavian: Anyways, Piper, Jack, I’d like to share so, things with you, so follow me.

Piper: Yay!

Octavian: Exhibit A, the blimp. Or as I like to call it/her, Aurora. I got her back in-

Piper: Aurora? Wasn’t that the name of some sleeping princess or something?

Jack: Doesn’t it mean “dawn” in Latin? If it is, then that is a truly great name for a blimp.

Octavian: Actually, I named Aurora after one of my close relatives.


Octavian: Um, actually, that’s all I have to say about Aurora, so um, let’s move on, shall we?

*A few minutes later, the three of them are at what seems to be a little house.*

Octavian: Exhibit B, my team.

*They walk into the house where they see a bug table, with three men and a woman discussing something. Maps and computer screens line the walls, and there is a fireplace burning behind the group.*

Man: Oh, there you are Octavian, you were almost late! Thank goodness you’ve made it, we got some urgent news to discuss. And who are those children with you?

Octavian: That’s my son, Jack, and the girl, Piper, is just staying with us for a while, until she can get back to her true home.

Woman: How kind of you.

Jack: Dad, who are these people?!

Octavian: Maybe they can introduce themselves. Most of them aren’t here today but oh well…

Bob: Hey y’all, I’m Bob Billy. I like being a cowboy! But exploring is better, ye-haw!

Billy: Hey y’all. I’m Billy Bob, I used to work on the same farm as Bob Billy, before we discovered our real passion.

Melissa: Hello. I am Melissa. Nice to meet you.

Piper: Gosh, she’s boring…

Octavian: And lastly…

President: You should know who I am, it’s me, Paul Tropica, President of Poptropica! I’m just here this one time because… our radars and cameras have shown a crazy man in a pink bunny suit, Dr. Hare, causing mayhem across a few of the islands, mainly Early Poptropica. We were able to hack onto his computers to find out that he’s heading for Shark Tooth next, but we couldn’t find where his main lab is. However, we did learn that this so called “super villain” is planning to take over Poptropica somehow. He has at least a dozen henchmen, so this is gonna be a tough one, folks.

Jack: Did you say, Dr. Hare…

President Paul Tropica: Yes. Yes I did.

Jack: We saw him before, twice actually!

Bob: Whaaaaaat…

Piper: He broke into our school with all his scary henchmen, and then one of them out this mind control helmet on this other girl and bam, she’s evil! And then they all run away! And then he steals all these items from these pilgrims!

Billy: Wow.

Bob: Intense.

Melissa: Thank goodness you’re OK. It’s a miracle.

Piper: Weird part is, he only seemed to care about my medallion.

*She pulls the medallion off her neck and holds it up so the group can see.*

President Paul Tropica: Is that, the legendary medallion we have all been searching for our entire lives?!

Piper: I don’t know what you’re talking about. How can it be legendary if it has a big crack in it and a shard is missing?

President: That’s exactly what they said the legendary medallion looks like!

Jack: Let’s just get out of here…

*Jack and Piper run out of the building, back to where Amelia is standing.*

Octavian: Um, guys?

*Bob, Billy, Melissa, and Paul all get this furious look on their face and they stare at Octavian, slowly walking towards him.*

Octavian: I’m out!

*Octavian runs away.*

A few minutes later…

Octavian: And finally, Exhibit C. Your mission.

Jack: What do you mean by mission?

Amelia: To become an explorer and save Poptropica from Dr. Hare, of course!

Jack: But I’m just a kid!

Amelia: We already got our chance to shine, now it’s time for you to, too.

Jack: OK then,

Octavian: You’ll still have to go to school every weekday, with summer break being the exception, obviously, and to get all As. You see, we weren’t expecting you to start exploring so young. But we have no choice, Poptropica is at risk.

Amelia: Also, to make sure you don’t get into too much trouble, we will be inserting a tracking device to…

Jack: My skull? Oh no…

Amelia: …the blimp.

Jack: Phew.

Octavian: Now, Jack, you also gotta try to be a nicer person if you want to be these Poptropican hero. Remember that.

Amelia: But don’t be too nice! Some people are just plain old mean and can lie to you.

Jack: OK, OK, I’ll be fine, I wasn’t going to go anywhere for a few days anyway…

Piper: What…what about me?! I want to help! I was the one who saved Early Poptropica, after all.

Jack: No, don’t…

Octavian: Piper, you can go. It’s always safer, and more fun, than going solo. But you need to try to be more serious, this is a very dangerous job. Yet it is one that may lead to you getting home. Please, just don’t be too nice. Promise me that you’ll at least try, OK?

Piper: Yes, sir!

Amelia: Octavian, I’m starting to have some doubts about this. Maybe we should just have someone else stop Dr. Hare, they are only 14…

Octavian: Look, if there’s someone who has the best chance of becoming heroes, it’s them.

Amelia: Why don’t we just call a babysitter and do it ourselves…

Octavian. No. Jack has the legacy, Piper has the medallion. We haven’t explored in years, Mel, we aren’t capable anymore!

Amelia: It’s Amelia.

Octavian: Oh, that doesn’t matter, Poptropica is at risk!

Jack: You know what, why don’t we just go home and think about this later. It is Sunday, y’know, which means school is tomorrow…

Amelia: Actually, it’s Monday. We kinda stayed up all night. School does start in half an hour, we should go now. I just realized how tired I really am…

Piper: WE CAN’T BE LATE! Come on, get into the blimp, we need to hurry! Zzz…*falls asleep*

Octavian: Maybe you two should just skip school and get some rest…*yawns*

Amelia: *yawns* I guess yawning is contagious… *yawns again*

Jack: Guess I’ll just lead the blimp home, gotta practice for when I’m an explorer.

Octavian: Go ahead, you got Aurora this far, you can take her back to Early Pop.

Jack: Wait, how do you control it even, I got here by accident!

Octavian: Nah, it was no accident. Just click this button right here, and a map should show up. Click on the island you would like to travel to, and she automatically takes you there! The map’s default is the Hub, so it’s no surprise that you round up here.

*Jack takes a closer look at the map, mainly focusing on Bay City, but then he notices something…missing.*

Jack: Um, dude, there’s a corner of the map missing. Actually, there are TWO corners missing!

Octavian: You would think that the printer messed up, I actually copied this from an original map I found, but that one corner has always been missing and as for the bigger one, I have no clue.

Jack: Oh, I see.

Amelia: Let’s just get home now… *yawn*

Octavian: You do the honors, Jack.

*Jack pushes the picture of Early Poptropica on the map, and the blimp soars through the morning sky. Piper seems to be asleep, but a tear is seen rolling down her eye.*

Piper (whispering to herself): Why does he always get the attention, it’s not fair…


(During the end credits, a radar is seen with a robo-bunny head (representing Dr. Hare) moving closer and closer towards Shark Tooth Island.)


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