Hey Poptropicacti, TC here with some surprising news. I am very excited to annouce a new weekly series, a TCPB exclusive, the craziest idea I have came up with yet. Tune in next Sunday for the first edition of…

Spectacular Sunday Surprises!


Thanks for the logo, Shaky Skunk!

Every Sunday, a unique, interesting, or just plain weird post will be posted to bring a great start for your week! Or if you live somewhere outside of the USA, then I guess it will end your week! Doesn’t really matter though.

What will these posts be about, you ask? Well I can’t tell you or else I’ll ruin the surprise. Just know that it could be anything… Poptropica related, that is.

In other news, Shaky Skunk also made a cute little logo thingie for ze TCPB, so take a look below!


And finally, I am happy to announce that this blog’s official Discord server, the Cacti Pop Chat or CPC, will be opening sometime next week! Here’s a little sneak peak, the CPC logo by Ulitmate iPad Expert.


Well…some of you know that I actually tried opening the CPC a couple days ago, but I ended up deleting it. Twice. I’m not gonna go into the details, as I’m still upset about it, so all you need to know is that some really bad people somehow got the code and started doing really bad stuff. I tried banning them, but there was a glitch on Discord that wouldn’t let me ban, only kick. Sooo I had no choice but to delete the entire server.

Hopefully by the time I open it for real that glitch will be fixed and I will be to ban any trouble makers and keep the server a safe, fun place.

That’s all for this update post, see ya on Wendesday for Episode 6 of Pop TV!

The Surprising Tall Cactus


2 thoughts on “A SURPRISING New Series…

  1. @shakyskunk could u please make a logo for my blog? I don’t have one, and I don’t really like the one with WordPress symbol. Thanks!


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