A Question to Ponder

Hey Poptricacti! Today I want to discuss an important topic, that being page views, or “hits”.

No, this is not a thank you post about how the TCPB is approaching 13,000 views, although I would like to thank everyone who reads this blog.

Instead, I want to discuss this question: Do page views really matter?

Before reading on, just think about that for a good minute. You may think that they do in fact matter, but I want to explain how I feel about the matter, because there is a reason I haven’t mentioned hits on this blog until now.

During the first few months after the release of this blog, I was obsessed with the stats. Everyday after school, on the bus, I would turn on my phone to see how many views I got when I was gone. But now, I never check them. Why? I don’t feel like they matter anymore.

How can a number show how popular or great your blog is? It can, but is that the most important thing about blogging? Nope! Having fun, making friends, and letting out your creativity is much more important. I don’t need to check the hits cause I know that there are people who enjoy reading my posts, I don’t need a little, well huge in the case, number to prove it.

So next time you see a post on another blog about reaching whatever K hits, or if you’re a blogger yourself wanting to post about something like that, remember this post.

-Tall Cactus


6 thoughts on “A Question to Ponder

  1. Do the hits on PHB even matter? Of course not! Similarly, getting first comment every time doesn’t matter either. (Besides, I really like your Poptropica TV series. Is Piper based on Tall Cactus/You?


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